At School
At Home

What are some good table manners?

Sitting in your seat

Don't put elbows on the table

Not talking with food in your mouth

Use eating utensils/not eating with your fingers

Talking softly

true or false, all anger is a bad thing
What is false, anger can motivate people to do something good.
Think before you _______
What is ACT or SPEAK
If you have something to say in class, you should______
What is raise your hand, not blurt out.
What should you do if you have something to say but your parents are talking?
What is be patient, don't interrupt
If someone gives you something that you asked for, you should say "____"
What is thank you
Give an example of how someone can get angry and turn it into a positive or good thing.
What is angry that there is so much trash on the side of the road, decides to gather friends on saturday and pick it up, etc. etc.
A healthy way to express your anger: A. Run around the track B. Kick a soccer ball C. play kickball D. All of the Above
What is D.
What is an advantage of having self-control at school?
What is learn more, not in trouble, more friends
What is the polite thing to do when someone new comes to your house?
What is welcome them, show them around
If someone thanks you, you should say "_____"
What is you're welcome
What happens to our bodies when we get angry? What are the signs that we are angry? Name 2 signs
What is face turns red, body tense, fists ball up, voice gets louder, etc. etc.
How could you express your feelings using "I statements" A. I am angry because taking my book is not fair. B. I will just laugh at her. C. I don’t care what she thinks. D. It is okay that he hit me.
What is A.
What is the connection between self-control and peer-pressure?
What is self-control allows you to say no when pressured.
What should you do if you want to play with what your brother or sister is playing with?
What is wait your turn, ask to join
If you make a mess, before doing anything else you should_____
What is clean it up
Name two things that make you angry.
What is friends calling you names, mom telling you to clean room, etc. etc.
What is a good response to calm down anger? A. Kick the wall B. Hit another student C. Yell at your brother D. None of these are good responses to calm down anger.
What is D
What can you do if you are starting to feel out of control at school?
What is ask to go get water to calm down, take deep breathes, avoid
What is the appropriate thing to do if you have to burp at the dinner table?
What is try not to, but excuse me if you do.
2 part question: when you win a game, what should you say to your opponent? how should you NOT act after winning?
What is good game... don't gloat or show off
What are two consequences of expressing your anger in bad ways?
What is fighting, not making friends, getting in trouble
How can habit #5 seek first to understand than be understood help us control ourselves??????
What is EMPATHY, in others shoes
What should you do if your teachers asks you to do something that you do not want to do?
What is respect
How does having self-control make life easier at home?
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