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I waited with my mom while she cashed her check. The lady handed her an envelope of cash and gave me a piece of candy. What is happening?

a. They are getting ready to watch a movie. b. They are sitting down for dinner. c. They are at the grocery store. d. They are at a bank.

d. They are at the bank


Little Ben was jumping up and down. He was frantically looking at the line of people ahead of him. He wasn’t sure that he was going to make it. He felt as if he was going to burst. Slowly, the line moved until a door opened up and Ben ran in! We can infer that…

a. Ben had to go to the bathroom. b. Ben doesn’t know how to wait. c. Ben is in the hallway with his teacher.

a. Ben had to go to the bathroom.


I can’t believe summer break is over already! I wish it would last longer, but I will be glad to see my friends and meet my new teacher. What is happening?

a. She is about to go back to school. b. She is going on vacation. c. She is moving. d. She is going to her friend’s house.

a. She is about to go back to school.


Joshua turned off his alarm clock and got out of bed. He yawned. He slowly walked into the kitchen and got a mug out of the cabinet. He stirred some cream and sugar into his hot beverage and sat down at the kitchen table. What is in Joshua's mug?

a. hot chocolate b. coffee c. soup

b. coffee


Murphy makes sure he has the right brushes and all the paint he needs. He looks at his blank canvas, then looks over at the vase of flowers. It’s going to look very nice hanging in the hallway when he’s done. What is happening?

a. He is gardening. b. He is painting his bedroom. c. He is painting a picture. d. He is planting a flower.

c. He is painting a picture.


Jillian got home from work and saw her dog, Rover, at the bottom of the stairs looking ashamed. He had coffee grounds and bits of other trash in his fur. She looked toward the kitchen and saw a mess. What is happening?

a. Rover is scared of Jillian. b. Rover got into the trash and made a mess. c. Rover tried to make her coffee. d. Rover loves Jillian.

b. Rover got into the trash and made a mess.


I called my mom’s phone while we both listened intently. We heard her ringtone and she moved toward it. The sound was coming from between the couch cushions! What is happening?

a. They are trying to find a lost phone. b. He is calling the couch. c. He wants to order a pizza. d. He is sleeping on the couch.

a. They are trying to find a lost phone.


I walked back into the kitchen after answering the phone. I looked at my empty plate then looked at my sister. She had crumbs and chocolate all over her face. “Thanks a lot.” I tell her I'm annoyed. What is happening?

a. My sister ate my chocolate chip cookie. b. The sister is on the phone. c. The sister is watching television. d. The sister is sleeping.

a. My sister ate my chocolate chip cookie.


Baxter dropped the tennis ball at my feet. I threw it and he took off after it. As soon as he picked it up, he ran back to me and dropped it again by my feet. What is happening? 

a. They are playing video games. b. Baxter is the boy’s brother and they are playing tennis. c. They are playing football. d. Baxter is the boy’s pet dog and they are playing fetch.

d. Baxter is the boy's pet dog and they are playing fetch.

I dug through the drawer and groaned when I couldn’t find the right cord. Only 8% left! What am I gonna do? I really need to make a call. What is happening?

a. His laptop is dead. b. He is trying to play a video game. c. His phone battery is dying and he can’t find a charger. d. He is playing a board game. 

c. His phone battery is dying and he can't find a charger.


Kim’s heart was racing. She was putting popcorn in her mouth without even thinking about it. Suddenly, something flashed on the T.V. screen, and Kim yelled. She was so frightened that she threw her popcorn! We can infer that…

a. Kim loves eating popcorn. b. Kim is watching a scary movie on T.V. c. Kim found out she had a snow day.

b. Kim is watching a scary movie on T.V.


Pat could barely see out of the eye holes. He was having a difficult time trying to see the door let alone knock on it. When he tried to talk, it was all muffled due to the mask. Everyone knew what he was saying. They handed him a treat, and he went on his way. We can infer that…

a. Pat is robbing a store. b. Pat is trick or treating. c. Pat should take off the mask.

a. Pat is robbing a store.


Jeff takes the paper from his teacher and sees the letter at the top of the page. He flips the paper over and puts it face down. He really should have studied more for the math test. He was going to be in so much trouble! What is happening?

a. Jeff did not get a good grade. b. Jeff did get a good grade. c. Jeff is going to lunch. d. Jeff is taking a test.

a. Jeff did not get a good grade.


Avery watched as her new next door neighbors moved in. She observed a tall man carrying a bicycle and a kayak into the garage. She also saw a young woman carrying a surfboard through the front door. Avery can infer that… 

a. her new neighbors are elderly b. her new neighbors have several children c. her new neighbors are kind and generous. d. her new neighbors like to spend time outdoors.

d. her new neighbors like to spend time outdoors


Alexander arrived at his grandmother’s house at ten o’clock at night. He saw her car in the driveway and the front door was open. The window was lit with a blue-flickering light.  Alexander can infer that…

a. His grandmother was reading a book. b. His grandmother was not home c. His grandmother was watching television d. His grandmother was sleeping

c. his grandmother was watching television


Kayla made a steak dinner for her family. Her mom and dad each ate two full steaks and had large helpings of mashed potatoes. When the meal was over, everyone’s plate was empty. Kayla can infer that…

a. Her family enjoyed the meal b. The steak was too well done. c. A steak dinner is an easy meal to make d. There will be lots of leftovers

a. Her family enjoyed the meal.


Mrs. Cooper told the class that they needed to finish all of their math worksheets before having free time. After working for 10 minutes, Julie began playing a game on the tablet. Why is Julie playing on her tablet?

Julie was finished with her math work.


When Joseph walked into the kitchen, he saw muddy paw prints on the floor. His mother’s wet coat was hanging on a chair. Below the coat he spotted his mother’s rubber shoes. Joseph looked for his dog, Riley. He found Riley, who was soaking wet, lying on the couch panting. Joseph can infer...

a. His mother gave Riley a bath b. Riley played in the yard during a rainstorm c. Riley dragged the coat outside d. His mother took Riley for a walk in the rain

d. His mother took Riley for a walk in the rain.


Splat! "Oh rats!" thought Kylie as she stooped to clean up the mess. "I hope we have another one." She looked in the fridge and pulled out the carton. One left! Breakfast wasn't ruined after all. What did Kylie clean up?

a. Kylie cleaned up a bowl of cereal b. Kylie cleaned up spilled milk c. Kylie cleaned up a broken egg. d. Kylie cleaned up spilled orange juice.

c. Kylie cleaned up a broken egg


 Thomas is putting on his boots before walking to the bus stop. He is going to grab his raincoat before he leaves. His mom wants him to remember to take his umbrella to school. Why might Thomas need his boots, raincoat, and umbrella?

It might rain.


Every morning Mrs. Johnson sits down with her class to have a morning meeting. When the students arrived at school they realized that Mrs. Jones would be doing a morning meeting with them today instead. Why might Mrs. Jones be doing morning meeting instead of Mrs. Johnson?

Mrs. Johnson is not here or she might be sick.


Tomorrow is a big day. The girls brought all of their books home from school and plan to study all night. They will only take a break to eat dinner. They want to make sure that they are ready for tomorrow. What might be happening tomorrow?

There is a test tomorrow.


Vanessa was absent yesterday and missed a math test that the class took on the computer. Today when she came to school, her teacher asked her to sign on to the computer. What does she want her to do on the computer?

The teacher wants Vanessa to take her math test.


Tony needed to go to the library to pick out a book. He loves reading and his mom takes him to the library every week to check out a book. When his mom came to pick him up from the library, he wasn’t outside waiting for her. What happened? Where might Tony be?

He might be reading a book inside and lost track of time.


Trevor walked in barefoot and shirtless, and his brother Joshua laughed at him. Trevor asked her what was so hilarious. He explained that his cheap sunscreen made him look like a ghost since it didn’t actually absorb into his body. Trevor dismissed her with a wave of his hand. He slung his towel over a kitchen chair to dry. Then he went to his room and shut the door. Trevor and Joshua’s mom walked into the kitchen and asked Joshua why there was sand all over the floor. Joshua told her that Trevor had tracked it in. Their mom grabbed a broom and a dustpan and headed towards Trevor’s room. Where did Trevor just come from?