Keeping in Touch
Social Skills
Emotional Skills
Email skills

Who are the principals at HMS?

Mr. Kovach, Mr. Haas, and Ms. Tavernier


Name two ways to keep in touch with your friends when you're not at school.

email, texting, phone call, video chat, among us, discord.....


What is personal space?

The physical area near your or someone else's body, into which any invasion feels uncomfortable or threatening for you or them.


Name one way you can help yourself become calm anywhere at any time.

By using deep breathing techniques!


What's the best way to start an email?

With a greeting like this: 

Hi Mrs. Flynn


Good Morning


Who works at the Welcome Center and is the first person you see if you come in the main entrance?

Ms. Bauer

How can you ask a friend if they want to chat or hang out?

Give us an example!


How do you greet a friend? Do you greet a friend the same way you greet a teacher?

Give us examples!


What are coping skills?

Strategies you can use to help you deal with situations that make you stressed, uncomfortable, mad, etc. 

Coping skills may help a person face a situation, take action, and be flexible and persistent in solving problems.


Do you email or virtually chat with your teachers in the same way you would with your friends?

No! Why?


Who is the 7th grade guidance counselor at HMS?

Mr. Black


Give us three ways to start a conversation when you are not in person with someone.

You tell us!


Name three important social skills to use when in a conversation.

1) appropriate eye contact

2) taking turns in the conversation

3) staying on topic


What is bullying? Who should you go to if you are bullied or you see someone be bullied?

Bullying is when you keep picking on someone repeatedly because you think you’re cooler, smarter, stronger or better than them. 

You can tell - your parent(s)/guardian(s), your teacher, an ESP, Ms. Zanghi, Mrs. Ames, Ms. Connors, a guidance counselor, the school adjustment counselor, the principal or assistant principal (just tell an adult, okay?)


What should you put in the middle of an email?

why you're emailing - give specifics about your question or idea. Provide context so the recipient understands what's going on.

Make sure you stay on-topic!


What are the 3 main values for "The Raider Way"?

Safe, Respectful, Responsible


What type of app/technology do you prefer to use to communicate with friends and why?

You tell us!


What is a compliment? When is a compliment most meaningful?

When you politely congratulate or praise someone for something.

When you are sincere and when it is about something meaningful. No sarcasm!


What happens when you get angry? What are some ways to return to calm?

You describe it!

ask for help, get clarification from someone, compromise with someone, use one (or multiple) coping skills


How do you end an email?

With a closing and then your name below it - (make sure you say please and thank you throughout the email, too). Examples:

Thank you 


Best Regards


What is the mascot for Hastings?

Raiders (pirate)


Name activities you can do with your friends while we're social distancing

online video games, card games, dance party, build the tallest tower contest, draw together, show and tell pets or favorite things, 


What are some benefits of being a good listener?

better comprehension, shows respect, helps build better relationships, helps you connect with others, learn more, help you solve problems, increases social skills....tell us more!


Name some synonyms for happy, sad, angry, afraid, disgusted

happy: joyful, excited, grateful, delighted, thrilled, enthusiastic, thankful, appreciation

sad: hurt, pain, grief, unhappy, depressed, hopeless, miserable, devastated, discouraged, disappointed, heartbroken

angry: mad, envious, annoyed, frustrated, aggravated, upset, irritated, jealous, furious

afraid: anxious, scared, insecure, apprehensive, worried, frightened, terrified

disgusted: repulsive, hateful, nauseous, sickened, uninterested, resistant, bored


Why is it important to properly write emails?

You want to address your teacher and peers online in the same way you'd address them in the classroom. 

The email platforms are for school use, so remember that you must behave in the same way you would in school!

It is important to:  be safe, be respectful, think before you ask for help, think before you press send, proofread for proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.

Avoid abbreviations and emoticons when emailing with teachers or responding to classroom threads

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