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Being an Upstander
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Dealing with Conflict

How does someone feel when they get a compliment?

Happy, proud, excited


Taking deep breaths can help you calm down when you are upset?

Yes,  This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body. 


What does Upstander mean?

It's a person who speaks or acts in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person who is being picked on or bullied


What does it mean to Transform Negativity

Turn Challenges into Opportunities


List 5 feelings

Answers vary.


If a friend is losing at a game, what can you say to encourage them?

"You can do it"

"Don't give up"

"You can win next time"


How is holding in your anger, similar to shaking a soda can?

When you hold in your anger, and never address it, it usually will start to fizz out with a bad attitude or outbursts.


If you see someone being picked on or bullied, what should you do?

Tell an adult, get the student away from the situation


How can you enjoy the ride?

Being Physically and Mentally Healthy

Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising.

Positive self talk, good self esteem, positive relationships


What are three steps to saying you are sorry?

Step 1: Tell them what you feel. · 

Step 2: Admit your mistake AND the negative impact it had. · 

Step 3: Make the situation right.


How can you respond to a friend when they are having a bad day?

Answers vary


Demonstrate Push, Pull, Dangle

  1. Put your hands on the top of your chair seat and push as hard as you can.  Depending on how long your arms are and how strong you are, your bottom might come off the seat.
  2. Put your fingertips on the underside of your chair and pull, so that you’re pulling your bottom/body into your chair seat.
  3. Let your arms dangle loosely at your side.

What is the difference between an upstander and a bystander?

An upstander tries to make the situation better a bystander stands by and does nothing


What does it mean to Drive with a Purpose?

Figuring out what your skills and talents are and utilize them to be your best self!


What are rumors and how do they impact your classroom?

Rumors are when you talk about someone else, or share information that you do not know is true.  People will lost trust in you and feelings will be hurt


Is it ok to say mean things to your friends on social media?  Why or Why not?

Things you post online never go away, people can screenshot them or save them and send them to different people.  Words are just as powerful online


Name a strategy that can help when you are sad or frustrated

Listen to music, draw, write in your journal, take deep breaths, talk to a friend, go for a walk


What happens when people laugh at someone being picked on?

Answers vary.  Something along the lines of:

They make the situation bigger, the person being picked on now thinks it's a group of people picking on them.  


How can you meet your goals?

(say at least 3 similar things to the list below) Set mini goals, envision you completing the goal, don't give up, write it down, write down the steps 


What does the phrase "Put yourself in their shoes" mean?

Having empathy, trying to understand why someone acted or reacted the way they did?


What skills help you make and keep friends? Name 3

Being a good listener, Sharing, sense of humor, honesty, respect, kind, smart


What is mindfulness and how can it help you?

Allows you to take the time needed to be present in the moment. Calms your body down so that you can recognize your feelings and know that you are ok.  


What does the kindness ripple effect mean?

It feels good to be kind and when someone experiences it, or witnesses it, they often want to be kind to someone else.  Like ripples in water, kindness will continue to spread out. 


Name all 7 Principles

Principle 1: You're the Driver

Principle 2: Create a positive vision

Principle 3: Drive with a Purpose

Principle 4: Fuel your ride with Positivity

Principle 5: Transform Negativity

Principle 6: Love your Passengers

Principle 7: Enjoy the Ride


Who has control over your thoughts, actions and reactions?


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