Meet the School Psychologist
Self Awareness & Social Awareness
Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision-Making

What are our names?

Dr. Brynne and Dr. Christina


What is self-awareness? Can you think of an example?

The ability to understand one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior across contexts.

What are relationships skills?

The ability to form and maintain healthy and supportive relationships.


What is responsible decision-making?  

The ability to make caring and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions across diverse situations.


 What is self management?

The ability to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations and to achieve goals. 


What is the role of a school psychologist?

-Helping students, parents, and teachers

- Assessment

- Counseling

- And much more!


What is social awareness? Can you think of an example?

The ability to understand the perspectives of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and contexts.


What do you need for a good relationship?

Trust, openness, empathy, loyalty, communication, honesty, ect!


Who can you go to when you need support when making a hard decision?

- US! 

- Teachers

- Guidance counselors

- Good friends

- Family

- Someone you trust


What are some strong emotions that people feel?

Happiness, anger, excitement, frustration, impatience, sadness, fear, etc.


How do you request to see the school psychologist?

There's many ways!

- Walk into our office

- Ask a teacher

- Ask your parents 

- Email us


Self Awareness: Share one or more interests you have.



What are some examples of relationship skills?

"I" statements, good communication, supporting your friends


Fill in the blank: My decisions impact _________.

Myself, academics, family, friends, my feelings, others' feelings, etc!


True or False: It's good to keep your emotions inside. 

False. It is good to talk about your feelings with people you trust! 


Name a reason you might talk to us...

- If you are having trouble in your classes

- If you are having trouble with other students 

- If you want somebody to talk to 

- And many other reasons! 


Social Awareness: How can you tell that a classmate might be feeling left out? What can you do?

:) :)


Name people you have good relationships with and can go to for support.

:) :) :) :)


When was a time you had to make a hard decision? How did you come to this decision? Did this decision have good or bad consequences?

Thanks for sharing!


What self-calming strategies can you use to work through your feelings?

Self-care (read, do art, listen to music, do a hobby)

Breathing techniques

Mindfulness techniques


Take a walk


True or False: School psychologist's only provide support for students with emotional or behavioral problems.

False! We are here to help all students! 


Soc Awareness: What are some service activities we can do to help others and make your school and community a better place?

- Raise money for your school or a charity (e.g. bake sale)

- Don't be a bystander, stand up for those in need 

- Help out at a local shelter/nursing home/hospital

- Clothing/book/food drive for those in need

- Clean up litter 

- Create care packages for families in need around the holidays


Use an "I" statement for this example: Your classmate behind you keeps kicking the leg of your chair.

“I feel ____ when you ____. Can you ___?"


If you notice the friend you are with is stealing stuff while you're at the mall, what would you say and do?



EVERYONE JOIN IN! Get a piece of paper and write down three positive qualities about yourself. 


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