tik tok

if someone tells you to give them your address what do you do    A.don't respond

 B.tell them your address to them

A.dont respond 


if someone asks for your password, what should you BEST do?   A.tell them them C.block them      D.tell your parents. them 

its best that the account gets taken down before it scams others!


2 answer choice

if someone tells you we should date online?what do you do? them them in real life.

C.ignore them.   D.tell your parents.

C.ignore them      and      D.tell your parents!

you can get catfished by them! also you are way too young!


if you see a inaproppriate show what should you do?  it  B.tell your parents C.ignore it.

C. ignore it 

you will get introuble if you watch it


 2 answers choice.

if someone tells you " you can get this free reward! just tell us you credit card info!" what do you do?         A.give them your info B. report     C. talk to them more  D.tell your parents

D. tell your parents them


someone send you pictures of themselfs.what is the BEST thing to do?   A.block them B. talk to them 

C.ignore them   D.tell your parents.

D.tell your parents 

your safety is important to your parents.


if you see someone you dont like, what do you do?       A. mean to them  B.bully them online C.block them 

C.block them


if you see your parents were watching a inaproppriate show and left it on you should                                          A.ignore it it      C.turn it off

C.turn it off


when your on twitter someone tells you to show a picture what do you do?                                     them to them C.ignore and report them.

C.ignore and report them.


how old should you be to have tik tok?

A. 16   B.12   C.13    D.15



how old do you have to be to have instagram?               A.10     B. 5      C.13    D.7


you have to be atleast 13.



how old should you be to have a adult account on Netflix?        A. 10     B.15      C.18       D.16  

C. 18 

you should be 18 to have a adult account.

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