You have accidentally double booked yourself Saturday. You have plans with two different friends in different places.

1. Reschedule one of your friends.

2. Ask if the two are willing to hang out together.


You want to go out with your cousin tonight to see a movie but Mom wants you to stay home for family game night.

1. See if you can fit both activities in one night.

2. Ask your cousin if you can reschedule the movie.


You know two kids in your English Class are planning to cheat on the next test.

1. Talk to the students.

2. Inform the teacher.


You want to go out to the movies tonight at 8:15 but your work shift doesn't finish until 8:30.

1. Ask to leave early.

2. Go the movie a little late.


You borrowed a phone to make a call but dropped it in a puddle before you could return it. Now it won't turn on. 

Offer to pay for the repair.


One of the people in your friend group has been bossy lately, always insisting that he/she choose the activities you do together.

1. Talk to them about compromise.

2. Choose not to spend time with them for a while.


You had a fight with your Dad and you know that you are the one being unreasonable.



You forgot about a huge project and now it is due in 3 days.

1. Get to work and do the best you can with the time you have.

2. Ask for an extension.


After the manager leaves, your coworker ducks out early, leaving you with clean up each day.

1. Talk to the coworker about sharing responsibility. 

2. Talk to the manager if it continues to be a problem.


You found some really nice headphones sitting under a park bench. No one else is around.

Turn them into the police station.


A friend is having problems at home and has started hanging out with people who encourage rule breaking behavior. 

1. Talk to your friend about what is going on with them .

2. Go to a trusted adult to let them know what's going on.


Your sibling "borrowed" money from your bedside table drawer without asking. 

1. Talk to the sibling and ask for it back.

2. Let your parents know.


A student who sits behind you in Math is whispering rude comments to his/her friends about the teacher and it is making you uncomfortable. 

1. Ask the student to stop.

2. Speak to the teacher or other school staff.


You get your first paycheck and you realize they have overpaid you.

Talk to the manager about the mistake. They'll appreciate honestly!


You really want to get a pet but your parents are against the idea. How could you convince them?

1. Do chores/"earn" the pet.

2. Demonstrate how responsible you are.

3. Explain the benefits of having a pet.


You and your best friend have always had similar interests. Lately, your best friend has stopped being interested in the things you like to do. 

Explore your friend's new interest-maybe you'll like it too? You can still be friends even if your interests don't align as much.


You want to work a part time job. Your mom doesn't want you to because she wants you to focus on school.

Talk to her about your reasons for taking the job and the positives of it.


You get assigned an essay and you don't care about the topic at all. 

1. Ask to change it.

2. Try to find something you're interested in within that topic.


You are allowed to leave early tonight if there are only 2-3 customers left in the store at 7 pm. At 6:59 pm, 6 people enter the store. 

You should probably stay to help them. If you really have to go, you can let them know that you're closing.


You left your lunch at home and don't have enough money to buy food from the store. What can you do?

Ask a teacher or friend if you can share some of their food.

Ask if you can borrow money to go to the grocery store, and pay them back.


You catch your friend vaping in the bathroom. They beg you not to tell anyone about it.

1. Tell an adult.

2. Explain to your friend that you are worried and that you both could get in trouble if you don't tell.


You are supposed to be home from your friend's house by 10 but you lost track of time and it is now 10:30 pm.

Call/text home immediately and let them know you are on your way.


You are exhausted and fall asleep in class because you stayed up too late watching TV.

Go to bed earlier!


You notice a friend of yours stealing something during your shift at Target. No one else seems to have noticed.

Confront your friend and ask to return the items.


You need to buy art supplies for your art class next semester, but your savings won't cover it and the family budget is tight for the next few months.

1. Save up a while longer.

2. Do chores/get a job to pay for it.

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