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What's a conversation

Talking with others and taking turns to listen to one another.


Who is a peer?

A peer is someone at your own level; close to your age.


What facial expressions or body postures show that you are too close during a conversation? Demonstrate.

The other person keeps taking a step backwards

The other person is turning their face to the side.


When we make a mistake that hurts someone’s feelings or makes someone mad, the right thing to do is...



True or False: It is okay to burp out loud because everyone burps. 



Who here played with the balls the most?

Charles, Samira, London, Champion, Kemuel


What happens when your voice is too loud or too soft when speaking to someone?

The other person might not be able to hear you if your voice is too soft, and they will not want to hear you if your voice is too loud.


What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is when your peers try to get you to do things that you do not want to do.


True or False: making eye contact is a social skill. 



How do you know that someone is truly sorry for hurting you?

When their face and their body language match what they are saying. 


Why should we say "please" and "thank you"? 

It shows respect, it is polite, it makes others happy, it shows you have good manners


Which team won the Jeopardy game yesterday?

Team 1


It’s important to use just the right _____ and ________ when we’re talking with others!

tone and volume


True or False: peer pressure can sometimes be a good thing 

True: an example of good peer pressure is when someone your age gets you to do something worthwhile, such as volunteering.


How do we show someone that we are listening to them? 

Your eyes are on the person who is talking. 

You are not talking while they are. 

You are facing them with your whole body. 


True or False: It is much better to apologize by text than in-person. 

False: A face-to-face apology is best because the other person can see how sincere you are and might believe you more easily.


What should we say when we first meet someone?

Hi, Hello, Nice to meet you

My name is...


What was the name of the Planetarium presenter?



Why is it important to make eye contact with someone during a conversation?

It shows you are interested in what they are saying, it shows you are listening.


What is an example of bad/negative peer pressure?

A peer asking you to lie, steal, cheat, etc.


Name 1 poor listening skill, and demonstrate it with a team member.

Spacing Out

Selective Listening

Word Listening (no feeling)

Self-centered Listening


You are at the beach and you accidentally stepped on  another child's sand castle. What should you do?

Apologize: "I'm sorry for destroying your sand castle. Would you like me to help you build another one?"


What should you if you lose in a game?

Not bragging about winning

Congratulating the winner even if you lost

Telling the other team good game even if you beat them


What's the name of one of our Pastors?

Pastor Ellis

Pastor Rogers


How much space should be between you and the person that you're speaking to? Demonstrate.

about 3 feet.


Who can you talk to if someone is pressuring you to do something wrong?

parents, grandparents, another close relative, a teacher, another person that you trust.


What is genuine listening?

Listen with your eyes, heart, and ears

Stand in the other person’s shoes

Give feedback to show you’re listening (role play)


What does it mean to "take responsibility"?

Taking responsibility means that you admit to your mistake and you try to fix it.


You are walking into the store or school and people are coming in right behind you. You should____________.

hold the door for them


At what time did camp start and end each day?

Start time: 9am

End time: 4pm


Name one of the 5 tips for talking.

1.Check your breathing

2.Vary your vocal pitch

3.Check your speed

4.Check your volume

5.Make sure to let the other person talk too


Name one way you can handle peer pressure

Learn to say "no"

Make an excuse and leave

Make your own decisions

Avoid people and situations you’re not comfortable with

Talk to your parents and trusted friends

Think about possible consequences of your actions

Get busy with something else


What does it mean to "space out" during a conversation?

Thinking of something else while someone is speaking to you.


What are the 4 parts to a good apology?

1. Apologize

2. Take responsibility

3. Say how you'll fix it

4. Wait for a response


You just put food in your mouth when someone asks you a question. You should___________. 

Cover your mouth and ask them to wait a second

Hold up a finger to indicate you would like them to wait a minute


What goes up and down, but never moves? 

A staircase

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