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You notice someone has been in your room, and they touched and moved your things. How would some people feel in this situation?

Many people in this situation would feel ANGRY. 

How would you feel?


You accidentally broke your parent's knick-knack. You are not supposed to touch your parent's stuff. You know you'll be in trouble if you get caught. You decide to clean the mess and not say anything about it. Is this the best choice?

No. While cleaning the mess may have been a good idea, being honest with your parent about your mistake is the most positive choice. Even if your parent gets angry, they might appreciate your honesty and taking responsibility.


You see someone trying to get into a locked car in the parking lot of the store. You are not sure if the car belongs to them. What should you do? Confront them? Keep walking, because it's not your business?

Neither! Confronting them may be dangerous, you don't know this person's intention. Ignoring the situation may be safer, but would you want others to ignore it if it were your car? The best choice would be to tell an employee at the store, or call the police to do a check in. 


You're playing dodgeball in gym class. You get hit with a ball but no one seems to notice. You decide to keep playing. Is this the best choice?

No. It is dishonest to continue playing when you get out. Integrity is choosing to do what is right and honest- even when no one is watching.


What is the world record for number of hotdogs eaten in one sitting? (within 10 gets full points)

74 Hotdogs! 


Your parent comes home carrying a big box. They take it to their room without saying anything about it. How would some people feel?

Many people would feel CURIOUS. How would you feel? What should someone who is curious about the box do?


You see that the new baby in the family has taken most of your parent's attention. You're thinking that your family does not care about you and you're feeling lonely and angry. What is the best way to deal with these feelings?

Use coping skills. It is best to stay calm. Another positive choice would be to talk to your parents openly and honestly about your feelings. It is okay to ask for some one on one time. Understand that you are important and you matter, even when others are getting attention and care.


You're at the park when you notice two people being unkind and bullying another person. What should you do?

You could try to talk with the people and ask them to be kind. You invite the person being bullied to join you. You could get an adult to help manage the situation. 

Can you think of any other positive choices?


Your crush sits next to you during a test in Math. You notice them trying to see your answers when the teacher is not looking. What would you do? 

This one is tough! It might be hard to make the right choice, which would be to not allow them to cheat. If they become angry with you and try to make you feel poorly about the situation, that would show that they are not very honest. 


In the movie Lilo and Stitch, Stitch was a character who pretended to be a dog. What was he really?

An Alien. 


Your sibling gives you a gift, because they thought of you when they saw the item. How would some people feel?

Many people would feel APPRECIATIVE. How would you feel? (excited, happy, surprised, etc.)

Talk about a good way to show appreciation. 


You notice change laying on the washer/dryer. It's only a couple of dollars and you really want to have some money to take to the fair. You ask your parent if you can have it. Is this the best choice?

Sure! Asking first is very important. Even if your parent says "no", you can feel proud of your honesty. Another option would be to ask your parents how you can earn some money- doing extra chores, getting a good grade on a test, etc.


You're at a store with a friend, and they show you that their pockets are full of stolen items. What would you do?

It may be hard to make a positive choice, you don't want your friend to get in trouble and you don't want them to get upset with you. The best choice would be to encourage them to put the items back. If they are unwilling, the best choice would be to let them know that you will not keep their secret.


Your friend starts making fun of the new kid at school. You feel conflicted because you met them already, and thought they were pretty kind. How would you respond?

A positive choice would be to encourage your friend not to judge a book by its cover, and explain that you don't feel good about your friend making fun of others. Invite your friend to join you in welcoming the new student instead of picking on them. 


What was believed to be the lifespan of a T-Rex?

20-30 years!


Your younger cousin is over for a visit and is being extremely loud and energetic. How would some people feel in this situation?

Many people would feel ANNOYED. How would you feel? (excited, stressed overwhelmed, happy, etc.) 


Your parents agree to give you 20 dollars for cleaning up the garage. You worked hard, and it to WAY longer than you expected. You are proud of the work you did and your parent gives you $20 before leaving for work. Later, your other parent gives you another $20. They did not know you were already paid for your work. What would you do?

The best choice would be to be honest with your parent. Explain that you had already been paid and return the money. What do you think would happen if you were not honest? How would your parents feel? What would they do? 


You and your cousin are going fishing, and stop to buy bait. You see a bait stand and no one is around. There is a cash box for people to pay and help themselves to the bait. You are sure there are no cameras, and you would not get caught. Would you take bait and leave without paying? Would you take the cash box? 

Why did you make this choice? Is this the best choice?

How might the stand owners feel if they found their bait or money to be stolen? What might they do?


You ask the person at the next desk for some gum and they said "no". You are feeling angry and hurt because you gave them a piece of gum last week. What would you say or do? Should you take the gum anyway?

No. It is okay to be angry and feel hurt. It might be a good idea to express your feelings by letting the person know you are upset and that in the future you may not be as willing to share. It is positive to express yourself, not to take something without permission. 


What mammal can live the longest?

The Bowhead Whale. It can live up to 200 years.


You just received news that your best friend's grandmother passed away. How would some people feel in this situation?

Many people would feel SYMPATHETIC. how would you feel? (sad, empathetic, worried, etc.)

talk about a good way to show this person that you care.


You and your brother are flipping a coin for 1st choice in chores. You both hate doing the dishes, and would rather clean the living room. Your brother calls heads, and- heads it is! How would you react?

Some people would try complain and argue, or even declare a new competition. The most fair choice would be to do the chore, and negotiate with your brother and ask if you can switch chores next time. 

You see a lady in nice clothes and fancy jewelry at the store. She drops a $10 bill and doesn't notice. You remember that Mom needs help buying groceries. You then think to yourself, "this lady must be LOADED, she probably doesn't need the money". What would you do? What if it was a $100 bill? Should you take the money to your mother? 

NO. While it is kind to think about helping your mother out, the best choice would be to inform the lady about the money she dropped. The woman probably worked hard for her money and may really need it. Also, she may choose to reward you for your honesty. Either way you can be proud for making a good choice. 


You are sitting at lunch and are still thirsty, even though you finished your drink. You ask a friend for theirs, and they say "no". Should you continue to ask and plead with them?

No. it is important to accept the word "no". Doing so will show that you respect them and care about their needs. Begging and pleading could cause your friend to feel resentful, even if they do end up sharing their drink. 


List 5 words that rhyme with smart.

Art, Cart, Fart, Dart, Part, Heart, Chart, etc.
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