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DBT skills

What should I do when there is something I really want to do or see something I want to have but I know I should not?

Stop-ask myself if this is the right thing to do

Think-about different ways to solve the problem.

Respond- either ask or move away from it so im not tempted.


Should we put cheese in the pantry or the refrigerator?

The refrigerator



It is a good idea to brush your tongue.

True: it helps to get rid of the bacteria on the tongue.


TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink soda with every meal, as long as I don't eat as much that day.

FALSE. You should limit your soda intake and drink more water!!


If I run up and down the stairs nothing will happen.

No. Running up or down the stairs can cause you to fall and injure yourself.





What does STOP stand for?  if you can explain this skill your points will be doubled.

S=Stop T=Take a step back O=observe P=proceed mindfully

This is a problem solving skill. Stop and take a moment, stepping away from the situation, observe or notice what is going on inside and outside of you. What are your feelings, the situation, and your options? Once you've decided what to do move forward aware of your thoughts, feelings and situation.


TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to look into someone's belongings when they aren't looking.

FALSE. It is never ok to go through someone else's belongings, especially when they aren't looking.


Should we put crackers in the freezer or pantry.

In the pantry


Before cooking, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should wash ____.

Bonus points for the suggested amount of time you should wash your hands.

Wash my hands with soap and water,

Bonus points: FOR 20 SECONDS.


Name 3 healthy fruits or vegetables. 

strawberry, apple, celery or 3 that facilitator accepts.


True or False. When playing cards or a board game, it is perfectly alright to be angry when you lose. 

False. It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner. 


How many colors are in a rainbow ?

What is 7

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


What is pros and cons?

Pros and cons are a list you make anytime you have to decide between two actions or choices. 


True or False: When someone does not quickly respond to my question, I should repeatedly ask them until they answer

False: You should wait for the person to be ready to answer. Be patient and say "excuse me" before politely asking the question again. 


True or False: when not feeling well, it is best to cough and sneeze to get it out no matter where you cough/sneeze or who is around.

False - you should cover your mouth (washing or sanitizing your hands after) or  cough/sneeze in to your elbow bend of your arm.


How many times a day is it recommended that you brush your teeth?

at least two


Name 3 unhealthy foods.  

chips, cookies, ice cream or 3 others the facilitator accepts.


I don't like the video game my friend suggested . So I will argue until I get my way.

You should politely say that you don't like a game and want to know what other games are available. Talk it out. Listen to their point of view and see if you can compromise.


is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable.  

It is a fruit

A tomato is a fruit because they form from a flower and contain seeds.


What are the two area that make up your "Wise Mind"? for double that points also answer. In what mind do we make the best choices?

The two areas that make up the wise mind are the: Emotional mind and the reasonable/logical mind.

Bonus: When using our WISE MIND a mix or our emotional and reasonable/logical minds.


If a staff member or support worker is busy, what should I do?

Wait until they are finished. Hang onto your statement or question and ask when they have finished.


If I need someone's attention, I walk up to them and say:

What is Excuse me, Pardon me or Hello


How do we keep our bodies healthy?   

exercise, eat healthy and wash hands


True or False:  It is healthy to not eat all day and just have one big meal before bed.

False.  You should have 3 balanced meals a day.


If someone looks at me I should immediately stand up and yell out - What are you looking at?

NO, this is not the best or most respectful response. It is an inappropriate behavior. Talk to or ask an adult you trust for advice before making an assumption.


What is your favorite color?

your answer is correct


Tell us the main ideas of Radical Acceptance.

Totally accepting in your mind, heart and body that a situation has happened or you have said or done something, accepting reality. 

The phrase "It is what it is!". 

Awareness/acceptance of what you can and cannot change


Another person is upsetting you, what should you do?

Calmly let them know. If they continue to upset you tell a staff member.


In taking medication or vitamins, it's okay to take them whenever I remember.

No. You should work on take them at the recommended time of day. Taking them consistently at a certain time also helps us to remember to take them. 


My friend has food on their teeth. I should just ignore it and let them go on with their day.

No- politely let them know about it. 


Is it important to exercise? Why or why not.

Yes to stay happy and healthy.


If a stranger asks you to come to their car, do you got with them? 



What are three ways to show kindness?

being respectful

showing care

helping others

Explain Turn the Mind.

Turn the mind is like when you are facing a fork in the road. You have to turn towards acceptance of your reality and values or you chose to turn away from reality, rejecting reality. 

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