Trading Information
Conversation Skills
Electronic Communication and Appropriate Friends
Starting/Ending a phone call
Entering/ Exiting a conversation

Name the main goal when trading information

to find a common interest


What is the first skill for having a two-way conversation?

Trading Information


Name some characteristics of a good friend AND a bad friend

Nice and friendly, same interests, interested in you, mutual understanding and comfortable sharing stuff, equal friendship, loyalty

Teases you (even if humorous), bad reputation, likely to get in trouble, nothing in common, friends with people who may not be nice to you


name some rules when starting a phone call 

say who you would like to speak to

 say your name to let the other person know who is calling 

use a cover story for why you are calling 


In step 1: watch/listen, what are we watching and listening for when entering a conversation?

what they are talking about 

see if we know at least one person


Name two rules for trading information

Ask the other person about themselves

Answer your own question

Find common interest

Share the conversation

Don't get too personal

Don't be a conversation hog


Name two things not to do when having a conversation with someone (e.g. Don't...)

Don't be a conversation hog

Don't be an interviewer

Don't get too personal

Don't be repetitive

Don't tease or criticize

Don't be a police


when texting a potential friends, what is the two message rule?

only send two messages in a row to someone who hasnt been responding to you 


give an example of a cover story for why you are calling 

calling to see how you are 

calling to get the homework 

i was wondering what youre up to 


name the first 2 steps when exiting a group conversation

look away & keep your cool 


 Should you ask: "What kind of grades do you have?"

(+50 points if you name the skill)


Don't get too personal at first


Name 3 conversational topics, other than anime, sports, or school.

Video games, cars, movies, books, weekend activities, fashion, music, social media,


when is it okay to use the internet to talk to people?

when we already know them in person 


give an example of a cover story for ending the phone call 

 have to go eat dinner 

have to do homework 

i better get going 


when entering a conversation and checking for signs of interest, how can you tell when someone is interested in talking to you? Name 3 things

little eye contact

rolling eyes

ignoring you 

group members turn away from you 

laughing or making fun of you 


Name this skill: giving the other person a chance to answer and ask you a question or by following up with another question

Share the conversation

Give an example of an open-ended question and why you should use them. 

What kind...? What types of...?

to expand the conversation and lead to more conversation.


What is wrong with this situation? (2 things)

You meet someone at school and look up their Tiktok/Instagram when you get home. You send them a follow request and message with your phone number. Afterwards, you share a post about your deepest feelings.

Too personal and followed without permission.

What are the steps for ending a phone call after you have given your cover story?

Tell the person it was nice talking to them, you will see them later, and then say good-bye.


when entering a conversation what are we waiting for?

a pause or break in the conversation


Role play trading information and find common interest 

(Must find a common interest to get full points)


What did she do wrong and what skills should she have used?

First find common interest

Bad time and did not accept that or read her body language


What are some reasons you wouldn't join a group or initiate friendship even though you have a common interest?

They are more popular

May hang out with people that will tease you

May be much older

They may talk about other things you are not interested in

Differences in strengths and abilities


Role play starting AND ending a phone call 




Wait for pause

Wondering gaze

Sharing the conversation

Open ended questions