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What were the Articles of Confederation?

The colonies first try at the constitution. 


Who were the three people we talked about in the presentation?

Thomas Jefferson 

Benjamin Franklin

John Dickson 


What was shays Rebellion? 

Shays’ Rebellion was a series of violent attacks on courthouses and other government properties in Massachusetts that began in 1786 and led to a full-blown military confrontation.


What does this political cartoon mean 

Political cartoon 2


What issues were these Documents responding?

These were responding the colonies issues this was them trying to make their first government that they didn’t have and were trying to create.


Why was Benjamin Franklin a Major contribute to the articles?  their are  a couple reasons! 

made one of the drafts for the articles 

had a brilliant mind that made others agree with him

he was a talented writer 


What was the constitutional Convention? 

This is when the constitution got put in place. 


What does this Political cartoon mean 

Political cartoon 1


How long did these documents last?

8 years


Why was Thomas Jefferson a helpful person when writing these documents? 

He was one of the big talking heads in the room and helped settle debates among different parties with different ideas with his own knowledge  


What happened from 1784- 1787?

When the northwest bought new land for the colonies.


What does this Political cartoon mean?

Political cartoon 3


What year did the Documenst go into place and what year were they dismissed?

Went into place:1781

were dismissed:1789


Why was John Dickinson Helpful during the writing of the documents?

He made the final draft of the documents and he was a principal writer during the time of the documents.


After the Documents what was the constitution?

A new and improved Articles of Confederation where all the laws and rules of the new nation were layed out  


What does this Political cartoon mea?

Political cartoon 4

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