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True or False: If I really need something in someone's room but the door is closed, it's okay to walk in to the room without knocking on the door.

False. You should always knock on the door before entering a room that is not yours.


Should we put our dirty clothes in the hamper or leave them on the floor?

Put the dirty clothes in the hamper.


I just burped loudly in the middle of a silent room. I should say ____.

Excuse me!


Why don't we run up and down the stairs?

Running up or down the stairs can cause you to fall and injure yourself.


TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to look into someone's belongings when they aren't looking.

FALSE. It is never ok to go through someone else's belongings, especially when they aren't looking.


True/False:If I want to talk to someone but they are in a conversation, I can just walk up and interrupt them

False. If you need to talk to someone and they are in a conversation you need to wait your turn, unless it is an emergency.


Before cooking or eating, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should ____.

Wash my hands with soap and water


True or False. When playing cards or a board game, it is perfectly alright to yell when you lose. 

False. It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner. 


True or False: When someone does not quickly respond to my question, I should repeatedly ask them until they answer

False: You should wait for the person to be ready to answer. Be patient and say "excuse me" before politely asking the question again. 


True or False: At School, it is okay to walk around when you're done with your work.

False - it's unsafe to walk around without your teacher's permission


What do you use to wash your hair?


You can also use conditioner.


I don't like the game my friend suggested . Should I argue until I get my way.

You should politely play and then you can chose the next game or you can say that you don't like the game and want to know what other games are available. 


You see someone who looks strange to you. Should you stare at them or ask them why they look that way?

No. It is unkind to stare at people and or point out if they look different.


If i need someone's attention, I should walk up to them and wait until they look at me and are not talking to someone else and then what can  say, 

Excuse me, or Hello


What can I do if I have food on my face?

Wipe my face with a napkin or tissue.


If someone looks at me I should immediately stand up and yell out - What are you looking at?

NO, NEVER. That is inappropriate behavior. Ask an adult for advice before making an assumption.

How do you greet a friend or teacher whenever you walk into a classroom?


-Good morning

-How are you?


Can metal or tin foil be put in the microwave? 

No! First remove the tin foil and any metal before microwaving so you don't cause a fire.


I should ignore my friend if he talks about something boring to me.

No.  Ask your friend one or two questions about what the are saying and then you can bring up another subject.  


If a stranger asks you to come to their car, do you got with them? 

No. Move away immediately and find an adult that you trust.


What is a complement you can give a teacher?

-I like your shirt

-Thanks for being our teacher

-I like the crafts you find for us.


How often should you brush your teeth?

Brush your teeth with toothpaste 2 times a day.


What's a nice way to let your friend know he/she has food on their face?

Quietly tell your friend that his/her that there is food on their face.

You can also quietly motion to where the food is and quietly wipe it away.


What is a better choice than telling someone "I hate you?"

You can say, "It hurts my feelings when you do that."

You can say, "It makes me feel angry when you do that."


True or False: It's okay to ignore my friends or teacher when they are talking to me.

FALSE: This is not kind. 

Can I have extra time to think of an answer? Can I please have a short break?


What should I say to my friends when I win the game?

Great game 

Thanks for playing with me

That was fun

Next time, maybe you will win


True or False: It's okay to sing when someone is talking to me.

False. This is not kind.


Answer the door for anyone who comes and knocks or rings the bell.

This is not safe. Do not answer the door for anyone who knocks or rings the bell. Make sure that you know the person at the door before you open it. 

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