Social Skills
Life Skills
Hygiene/social skills
Health/social skills
Safety/social skills

True or False: If I really need something, it's okay to walk in to the room without knocking on the door.

False. You should always knock on the door before entering a room that is not yours.


My ride for work backed out.  What should I do?

Call someone else for a ride or take the bus.  Call your boss.


I just burped loudly in the middle of a silent room. I should say ____.

Excuse me!


TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink soda with every meal, as long as I don't eat as much that day.

FALSE. You should limit your soda intake and drink more water!!


True or False: If someone says "no" when I ask for a date, should I call them nasty names or threaten them?



TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to look into someone's belongings when they aren't looking.

FALSE. It is never ok to go through someone else's belongings, especially when they aren't looking.

How often should I wash my clothes?

After 1 wearing if they stink or they are dirty.


Before cooking, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should ____.

Wash my hands with soap and water


Name 3 healthy habits. 


Eat healthy (watch carbs)

Get enough sleep



True or False. When playing cards or a board game, it is perfectly alright to be angry when you lose. 

False. It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner. 


True or False: When someone does not quickly respond to my question, I should repeatedly ask them until they answer

False: You should wait for the person to be ready to answer. Be patient and say "excuse me" before politely asking the question again. 


True or False: It is okay to ask others for money.

False - you should never do this unless it is a parent or guardian.


How long should you wash your hands?

At least 20 seconds WITH SOAP


I am upset that something did not go my way.  I should . . ....

A.  Talk about it non stop

B.  Refuse do talk or do any work

c.  Talk to someone or take a break and move on



Is this how I should handle it? I don't like the video game my friend suggested . So I will argue until I get my way.

No, You should politely say that you don't like a game and want to know what other games are available. 


You visit your friend's house, and they don't come outside to meet you right away. I should

- Ring the doorbell 

- call them


If I need someone's attention, I 

look to see if they are busy or talking to someone else.  Wait my turn or say Excuse me.


I can smell my body odor. What should I do before leaving the house?

- Apply body spray or deodorant in the morning before going out.

- Take a shower using soap


True or False:  Eating Talkies and pop for breakfast is a great idea.

False.  Sugar and carbs for breakfast will make you feel terrible.


If someone looks at me I should immediately stand up and yell out - What are you looking at?

NO, NEVER. That is inappropriate behavior. Ask an adult for advice before making an assumption.

How do you greet a friend or teacher whenever you walk into a classroom?


-Good morning

-How are you?


You want to microwave a frozen meal and it is wrapped in aluminum "tin" foil.  What should you do?

What is remove the tin foil before microwaving so you don't cause a fire.


How many times per day should I brush my teeth?

At least twice


How much exercise should I get each day?

30 minutes each day is ideal


If a friend is short on money and does not have enough to buy something, should I give them money?