Soft Skills!
Soft Skills
Soft Skills?

This soft skill requires you to listen to others.

A. Teamwork

B. oral communication skills

C. Personal qualities and work ethic

What is oral Communication skills?

This soft skill is helpful in motivating others when using teamwork.

A. Enthusiasm

B. Be a leader

What is Enthusiasm?

A soft skill about moral philosophy

A. Ethics

B. Pride

What is Ethics?

What are essential workplace traits and skills.

A. Desire to learn

B. Tardy

C. Doing things on your own

What is the Desire to learn?

A group of people working together toward a common goal.

A. Teamwork

B. Responsibility

What is teamwork?

An internal tool that points us in the right direction when making ethical decisions.

A. moral compass

B. Arrow

What is a moral compass?

Leaning back and folded arms could be examples.

A. Attitude

B. Body Language

What is body language?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

A. Mr D's rule

B. The Golden Rule

What is B. the golden rule?

why do people fight?

a. someone is being mean or talking about them

b. low self esteem/immature

What B.

Employers were asked about a characteristic that affected employee selection.

A. Self-confidence

B. Algebra, and High technology skills

What is self confidence?


A term used for your co-worker who always helps out, listens to what you have to say, and contributes to the improvement of the department.

A. problem solver

B. Team player

What is B. team player?

Motivation for success is often fed by this inevitable part of life.

A. Failure

B. Never trying it

What is failure?

The most important work attitudes.

A. attitude/attendance/punctuality/appearance/communication skills

B. Trustworthiness/flexibility/punctuality/appearance/communication skills.

What is B. ?

Personal Qualities you must display in every job

A. Maturity/discipline/calm under pressure/dependability

B. resent authority/complain all the time/ cannot forego immediate pleasures

What is A.?

What is the single most significant decision you can make day to day

A. sleeping/eating/working/etc..

B. attitude

What is B?