Selecting a Target Skill
Identifying a Communication Skill
Connecting to IEP Goal
Key Terms

If a target skill is measurable a provider will be doing this 

What is collecting data to track progress?


Name 2 reasons why it is important to identify a communication skill

What is ....

To help strengthen students' communication skills

 build a well-roundedness to education/lesson planning

design lesson elements that explicitly target and enhance communication skills within the broader educational objectives.  


IEP goals should be written during what process

What is during IEP Development?


Lessons, materials, SDI instruction that are parallel/similar to students learning goals and based on core standard are considered to be

What is Aligned?


At the start of every IEP/ IFSP meeting, you need to offer this to parents/ guardians or a child who is 16 year or older

What is procedural safeguards?


By review pre-existing data/assessment, identify areas of lagging skills and skills within students zone of proximal development you can 

What is select a target skill?


An educator communicates an idea and then a student communicates an understanding is an example of 

What is reciprocal teaching?


An IEP is like a contract that 

What is embodies a binding commitment and provides notice to both parties as to what services will be provided to the student during the period covered by the IEP?



What is Common Core Standards? 


Once notified of an IEP/ IFSP team member's absences, you should get notify the parents/ guardian and do this 

What is get a signed written agreement excusing the IEP/ IFSP team member?


When creating and sequencing lessons you need to consider evidence based practices and this 

What is gradual releasing of responsibility? 


listening to, reading text, looking at pictures or signs

What is Receptive Communication?


IDEA states that ALL students must receive

 What is a free and appropriate public education (FAPE)? 



What is an Individualized Family Service Plan?


If you are receiving a child with an IFSP into you elementary school, it is best practice to invite who to the IEP

What is the current service coordinator/ case manger of the student


When developing planned support you should high leverage practice and this

What is Universal Design for Learning?


speaking, writing, demonstrating

What is expressive communication? 


Name one parental safeguard

What is 

  • Giving informed written consent for their child to be evaluated, and to seek an independent evaluation if they feel compelled to do so

  • Access to their child’s educational records

  • Dispute resolution through steps that can include state complaint, mediation, a resolution session, and/or a due process hearing

  • Explanation of these rights in writing, and in their native language when possible


Name the state standards that guide all early learning  students under the age of 6

What is Oregon's Early Learning and Kindergarten Guidelines?


If a parent/ guardian is unable to attend, you should do this

What is reschedule the meeting or get written input from the parent/ guardian?


List the 3 parts of High Leverage practices

What are 

  • Scaffolding 

  • Prior Knowledge

  • Integration/ generalization/ functional 


using symbols, notation

 What is Representational Communication?


What will you find in an IEP?

What is the students information, strengths/ needs and accommodations?



What is Least Restrictive Environment?


If a child with an IFSP is going to kindergarten and you are holding a meeting, don't forget to invite this person

What is a school district representative?