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What is the difference between a speech and an essay?

What is a speech is delivered orally and an essay is read.


A speech type in which a speaker is trying to prove why their point of view is right and persuade the audience to embrace that point of view.

What is a persuasive speech?


What does the acronym AGD stand for?  

What is Attention Getting Device?


Why is the introduction to your speech so important?

What is it captures the audience's attention?


Why is eye contact during a speech so important?

What is so we can connect with the audience and gauge how they're responding to the speech.


True or False: A speech should be read word-for-word.

What is False!!


This speech's goal is to inform your audience about a topic of your choice that they will find interesting. When you want to educate your audience about a certain topic, you’ll probably choose to create this type of speech.

What is an informative speech?


Another word for an AGD is a...

What is hook?

What is the thesis of your speech?
What is it is a sentence that explains what your speech is going to be about?

On Zoom, where should you look to maintain eye contact with the audience?

What is the camera on your computer?


A speech delivery method in which you memorize the script word for word.

What is "Memorized" delivery method?


A type of speech you want to give to demonstrate how something works or how to do a certain thing. This speech type utilizes the use of visual aids and/or physical demonstration along with the information provided.

What is a explanatory speech?


What type of AGD uses data to surprise the reader?

What is a shocking fact or statistic?


How many parts are there in a road map?

What is three: First, Next, Last?


If you don't have an audience in front of you, what should you practice in front of?

What is your stuffed animals, your dog, the mirror, etc.


A speech delivery method in which you had limited prep time and no time to rehearse. No notes can be used.

What is "Impromptu" delivery method?


Adhijay's speech is ____________.

A. Persuasive

B. Informative

C. Both A and B

What is B. Informative?


What type of AGD is humorous?

What is a joke?


How should you begin your conclusion?

What is "In conclusion" or "This hereby concludes"?


Why should you keep hand gestures above your waist when performing your speech?

What is so they are visible to the audience members, especially on Zoom.


A speech delivery method in which you have limited time to prep and rehearse.

What is "Extemporaneous" delivery method?


Ajay's speech is __________.

A. Informative

B. Persuasive

C. Both A & B

What is C. Both A & B?


What type of AGD tells a story to connect the audience to the topic?

What is a story/anecdote? 


What happens if you stumble over your words during your speech?

What is take a deep breath and keep going?


What is intonation?

What is when your voice goes up and down to emphasize certain parts of your speech?

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