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Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history?

LeBron James


What U.S. college sport honors its best player with the Hobey Baker Award?


This current NFL quarterback was selected 9th overall by the Oakland Athletics in the 2019 MLB Draft but ultimately chose to play in the NFL, as he was drafted 1st overall by the Arizona Cardinals.

Kyler Murray


The ___________ and the _________ are tied for the most championships, with 17 championships.

Lakers, Celtics


Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) + Aaron Rodgers (Packers) + Josh Allen (Bills)


(15 + 12 + 17)


Which MLB franchise is the only team in league history to overcome a 3-0 playoff deficit to win a series?

Boston Red Sox (2004)


The ________ + __________ rivalry has long been regarded as the greatest rivalry in college basketball, and for good reason. For nearly 100 years, the third- and fourth-winningest programs in college basketball history have battled on Tobacco Road, setting a precedent for rivalries around the country.

North Carolina + Duke


After a brief stint in the NFL, this former Heisman trophy winner took his talents to the diamond, where he joined the Mets Double-A affiliate (Binghamton RumblePonies).

Tim Tebow


__________ _________ has scored the most points in a playoff game, with ______ points in Game 2 of the first round of the 1986 NBA Playoffs.

Michael Jordan, 63


Stephen Curry + Giannis Antetokounmpo + Nikola Jokic + Damian Lillard


(30 + 34 + 15 + 0)


Who holds the record for most passing yards (NFL) in a single SEASON?

Peyton Manning (5,477 passing yards in 2013)

The most-used nickname/mascot of four-year college teams (including names with attached adjectives such as "Blue", "Golden", "Flying" or "Fighting"):

Eagles (118 teams!)


Following a stellar basketball career at Kent State, _______ ________ turned his athletic ability into a legendary career at tight end in the NFL.

He holds the all-time NFL record for touchdowns by a tight end with 111 touchdowns despite not playing football in college.

A: Tony Gonzalez

B: Greg Olsen

C: Rob Gronkowski

D: Jimmy Graham

E: Antonio Gates

F: Shannon Sharpe

E: Antonio Gates


Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 1993 after the Chicago Bulls completed their first 3-peat in franchise history. He retired for 2-years to pursue a professional baseball career to honor his late father. After his two-year hiatus, Jordan returned to lead the Bulls to their second 3-peat from 1996-1998.

Which NBA franchise won back-to-back titles after MJ first retired in 1993?

Houston Rockets (led by Hakeem Olajuwon)


Mike Trout + Aaron Judge + Shohei Ohtani


(27 + 99 + 17)


Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, set an NFL record in 2021 when he made a ______ yard field goal as time expired to beat the Detroit Lions



Who was the only two-time winner of the Heisman Trophy?

A: Archie Griffin (Ohio State)

B: Tim Tebow (Florida)

C: Bo Jackson (Auburn)

D: Herschel Walker (Georgia)

E: Reggie Bush (USC)

F: Barry Sanders (OSU)

G: Davey O'Brien (TCU)

A: Archie Griffin (1974, 1975)


________ ________, a former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Florida State University, was drafted in the first round of the 1994 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks.

A: Jameis Winston

B: Charlie Ward

C: Warren Moon

D: Major Harris

E: DaShawn Sims

F. Darian Hagan

B: Charlie Ward


Which NBA player has the most playoff assists of all time?

A: Jason Kidd

B: John Stockton

C: Magic Johnson

D: LeBron James

E: Rajon Rondo

F: Steve Nash

C: Magic Johnson (2,346)


Connor McDavid (Oilers) + David Pastrnak (Bruins)

The two leading goal scorers from the 2022-2023 NHL season!


(97 + 88)


Who was the last player in the MLB to win the "Triple Crown"? (Led league in Batting Average, Home Runs, and RBIs)

Miguel Cabrera (2012)

(.330 AVG, 44 HRs, 139 RBIs)


Which college has won the most College World Series in baseball?

A: University of Texas

B: Vanderbilt University

C: University of Southern California (USC)

D: Louisiana State University (LSU)

E: Arizona State University

F: University of Miami

C: University of Southern California (USC) (12-titles)


This NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback had a great football career for Stanford and also played baseball in the New York Yankee minor league system.

John Elway


Which former NBA player (Lakers) was/is the only player to win NBA Finals MVP despite being on the losing team?

Jerry West (Lakers, 1969)



Tom Brady (Patriots) + Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) + David Ortiz (Red Sox) + Larry Bird (Celtics) + Ted Williams (Red Sox) + Zdeno Chara (Bruins)


(12 + 87 + 34 + 33 + 9 + 33)