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This is the term for a consumer who eats both plants and animals. 

A. Carnivore

B. Omnivore

C. Herbivore

What is B. omnivore? 


Abnormal cell division results in this.

A. Homeostasis

B. Cancerous cells

C. Microbes

what is B. Cancer?


This is the chart where all elements are classified.

A. Periodic Table

B. Reference Tables

C. Elements Table

What is A. Periodic table?


This is the name of the last group on the periodic table that contains elements with full outer shells that are non-metals and the least chemically reactive. 

A. Metals

B. Noble Gases

C. Uraniums

What are B. the Noble Gases? 


This is thing in an experiment that the scientist changes on purpose (the cause). 

A. Independent variable

B. Dependent variable

C. Unstable variable

What is the A. independent variable? 


This is the term for substances, such as carbon dioxide or methane, that trap heat in our atmosphere. 

A. Greenhouse gas

B. Oxygenation

C. Ozone effect

What is A "greenhouse gas?" 


This Asexual reproduction type that occurs when a nucleus divides.

A. Mitosis

B. Meiosis

C. Budding cell division

What is A. mitosis?


Sodium (Na) contains 11 protons and 12 neutrons. How many electrons are found in a neutal atom of sodium?

A. 1

B. 11

C. 22

What is B. 11


This is the term for when a substance changes directly from a solid to a gas (such as ice in the back of your freezer for too long). 

A. Condensation

B. Sublimation

C. Evaporation

What is B. sublimation? 


The planet in the solar system with the shortest year.

A. Mercury

B. Venus

C. Earth

What is A. Mercury?


If brown eyes (B) are recessive to blue eyes (b) and two parents had the punnett square Bb and bb, what's the chance of a kid with blue eyes.

A. 100%

B. 25%

C. 50%

What is C 50%


Which change would most likely cause a decrease in the number of squirrels living in an area? 

A. a decrease in the number of predators  

B. an increase in available food 

C. an increase in the number of forest fires

What is C. forest fires


This law states matter is not created or destroyed.

A. Law of Relativity

B. Law of conservation of mass

C. Law of gravity

What is B. the Law of Conservation of Mass?


These two particles make up the mass of an atom. 

A. Protons and electrons

B. Neutrons and electrons

C. Protons and Neutrons

What are C. protons and neutrons? 


This is the element that comprises most of the mass of the sun

A. Hydrogen

B. Oxygen

C. Nitrogen

what is A. hydrogen?


These are three differences between plant and animal cells.

A. Plants have a mitochondria & RNA

B. Plants have a cell membrane & infiltration

C. Plants have chloroplasts & cell walls

What are C. plants have chloroplasts & cell walls


This has the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum.

A. Light waves

B. Radio waves

C. Micro waves

what is B. radio wave?


Organelle where cellular respiration takes place and is the powerhouse of the cell.

A. Nucleus

B. Cell wall

C. Mitochondria

what is C. mitochondria? 


Electrical charges are attracted to this.

A. Same charges

B. Opposite charges

C. Both same and opposite charges

What is B. Opposites


They are loose collection of ice, dust, and small rocky particles whose orbits can be very long.

A. Rocket

B. Comet

C. Moon

What is B comet?


Earth's atmosphere is composed of abut 78% of this element

A. Oxygen

B. Nitrogen

C. Carbon Dioxide

What is B. nitrogen?


This is the number of waves that pass a given point in a certain amount of time.

A. Frequency

B. Vegetation

C. Magnitude

What is A. frequency? 


The primary purpose of which human organ system is to produce hormones that regulate body functions?

A. skeletal 

B. muscular 

C. endocrine

What is  C. endocrine


Term used for describing a model of the Universe where the Earth is at the center and the sun and other planets revolve around it.

A. Heliocentric

B. Earthcentric

C. Geocentric

What is C. geocentric? 


The part of the atmosphere responsible for blocking out the majority of the sun's U.V. radiation

A. Ozone

B. Thermosphere

C. Clouds

What is the A Ozone? 

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