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A cereal might you eat on St. Patrick's Day.

What is Lucky Charms?


Spongebob's best friend

Who is Patrick Star


On what day is St. Patricks Day?

What is March 17th


The staple symbol for St. Patricks day

What is a shamrock?


This might happen to you if you don't wear green on St Patrick's day.

a. get pinched

b. 7 years bad luck

What is get pinched?


Green with envy means what?

a. to be jealous of someone

b. to be angry

c. to love shamrocks

What is to be jealous of someone


Three vegetables eaten with meat on St. Patrick's Day.

What are Potatoes, carrots and cabbage?


2024 Superbowl quarterback

Who is Patrick Mahomes


The first U.S. city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

a. New York City

b. Boston

c. Philadelphia

What is Boston?


Name the 3 colors on the Irish flag

a. red, orange, green

b. green, orange, white

What are green, orange, and white.


This city is home to the most famous of all churches dedicated to St. Patrick.

a. Galway

b. Wexford

c. Dublin

What is Dublin?


Someone who likes to garden would have a what?

a. green hand

b. green shovel

c. green thumb

What is green thumb


Famous Irish beer

What is Guinness


McDreamy from Greys Anatomy

Who is Patrick Dempsey


This is the reason St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th every year.

a. the day St Patrick was born

b. the day St Patrick died

c. the day St Patrick came to Ireland

What is the day of St. Patrick's death?


Another name for the Irish Cross.

a. St. Brigid's cross

b. Celtic cross

c. Shamrock cross

What is the Celtic cross?


This city boasts the largest St. Patrick's day parade in the world, attracting more than two million people.

a. Chicago

b. New York City

c. Indianapolis

What is New York City?


"You look green around the gills" means what?

a. you look jealous

b. you look tired

c. you look unwell/sick

What is looking unwell/sick


A popular meat people in the U.S. eat on St. Patrick's Day.

What is Corned Beef?


Lead role of Dirty Dancing

Who is Patrick Swayze


This was the original color of St. Patricks Day.

a. gold

b. yellow

c. blue 

What is Blue?


Name 2 symbols of good luck.

What is a heads up penny, 4 leaf clover, wishbone, ladybug, horseshoe, etc.


This city dyes their river green on the Saturday before St Patricks Day.

a. Chicago

b. New York City

c. Indianapolis

What is Chicago?


When you think someone is in a better situation than you, you might say what?

a. the river is always higher for you

b. the grass is always greener on the other side

c. the crops are fuller in your field

What is the grass is always greener on the other side.


Name a beverage only served on St. Patrick's Day

a. beer

b. green beer

c. gold beer

What is Green Beer?


Hockey player played for the Black Hawks and now plays for the Redwings 

Who is Patrick Kane

What is the Irish language called?

a. Irish

b. Gaelic

c. Celtic

What is Gaelic


Irish poems have a special format of this kind.

a. haiku

b. limerick

c. prose

What is the Limerick?

or what are Five lines, Three long lines and Two short ones


The year St. Patrick's Day celebrations went from a Catholic Holiday to an Official Irish Holiday.

a. 1900

b. 1902

c. 1903

What is 1903?


When Irish people say "craic," what do they mean?

a. fun

b. bad luck

c. good luck

What is fun