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  • As it is used in paragraph 6, the word old means—
    1.   not young
    2.   worn out
    3.   no longer in use
    4.   known for a long time

What is 1


(3) Leaves brush against your windows and the chirps of birds echo through your room. 

What change should be made in sentence 3? 

A. Change Leaves to Leafes 

B. Change brush to brushes 

C. Insert a comma after windows 

D. Change through to threw

What is C


Which of these describes one or more living organisms that depend on another living organism to survive?

F. Bacteria living in the mouth of a horse 

G. Ivy plants growing up a fence to obtain more sunlight H Mold living on a hard, rocky surface 

J. An angelfish releasing carbon dioxide into pond water

What is F. 


Fran bought 4 shirts that were $13 each. She also bought a pair of socks for $4.29. What was the total amount Fran paid for the shirts and socks? 

F. $21.29 

G. $56.29 

H. $69.16 

J. Not here

What is $56.29


Choose the correctly spelled word:

A. missill

B. messel

C. missile

What is C


What is the meaning of the word salty?

A. containing salt

B. more salt

C. without salt

What is A


(8) Tropical rain forests, thickly wilderness areas, or trees along an island shore are just a few places they are located. 

What change should be made in sentence 8?

A. Change rain forests to rain forest’s 

B. Change thickly to thick 

C. Delete the comma after areas 

D. Insert a comma after shore

What is B


A bright-red male cardinal comes to a school bird feeder every morning. Like other cardinals, this bird makes a sharp chirping sound as it hops around the bird feeder. 

Which of these is a learned behavior of this bird?

F. Having red feathers 

G. Eating seeds during the day 

H. Coming to the bird feeder each morning 

J. Making a chirping sound

What is H


Hayden drew a polygon that has exactly two right angles. Which of these could be the polygon Hayden drew?

A Right triangle

B Right trapezoid

C Rectangle 

D Rhombus

What is right trapezoid 


Choose the correctly spelled word: 

A. intermission 

B. entermission

What is A


Select the word that matches the definition provided. 

To be very cold.

A. Exert

B. Overthrow

C. Identical

D. Frigid

What is D


(2) To some, there isn’t nothing better than having a dog or cat sit closely beside them.

What change should be made in sentence 2? 

F. Change there to their 

G. Change isn’t to is 

H. Change closely to closer 

J. Change them to it

What is G


One type of fuel was used for thousands of years before other fuels were commonly used. Which fuel is an alternative resource that was most likely the first fuel used by humans? 

A. Coal 

B. Natural gas 

C. Petroleum 

D. Wood

What is D


A teacher put 378 marbles into 9 containers. He put the same number of marbles into each container. How many marbles did the teacher put into each container?

What is 3,402


Choose the correctly spelled word: 

A. tractor

B. trackter

C. tracter 

What is A


What is a synonym for increase?

A. Boost

B. Grain

C. Shift 

D. Better

What is A


(8) There is even parks made especially for dogs. 

What change, if any, needs to be made in sentence 8?

A. Change is to are 

B. Change made to making 

C. Change especially to especialy 

D. No change needs to be made in sentence 8

What is A


A family takes a group picture in a park where bluebonnets are blooming. The family notices that some of the blooms are white and others are blue. The color of the blooms is most likely determined by-

F. air temperature 

G. the age of the plant 

H. the types of consumers that eat the plant 

J. inheritance from parent plants

What is J


Rebecca bought air filters at a store.

 • She bought 8 air filters. 

• Each air filter cost $16.95. 

• Rebecca used a coupon for $7.50 off her total cost of the air filters. 

The total cost in dollars that Rebecca paid for these 8 air filters can be represented by this expression.     (8 × 16.95) - 7.50 How much did Rebecca pay for these 8 air filters?

What is 128.1


Choose the correctly spelled word:

A. inspector 

B. inspecter 

C. inspectur 

What is A


What is an antonym for gullible?

A. Unbelieving 

B. believing 

C. sucker

D. foolish

What is A


(11) The planet is simply to far away.

What change, if any, should be made in sentence 11?

A. Change is to was 

B. Change simply to simpley 

C. Change to far to too far 

D. No change should be made in this sentence.

What is C


A beaker with 115 mL of solution has a temperature of 21°C. The solution contains 5 g of salt and 115 mL of water. Students added two ice cubes to the solution and stirred the solution with a stirring rod. Which properties of the solution changed as the ice cubes melted? 

A. The color and physical state of the solution 

B. The temperature, mass, and volume of the solution 

C. The volume, temperature, and mass of the salt in the solution 

D. The physical state and temperature of the solution

What is B


3 Dion ran 3.75 kilometers each day to prepare for a race. What was the number of kilometers that Dion ran during 28 days? 

A 10.5 km 

B 105 km 

C 1,875 km 

D 18.75 km

What is 105


Choose the correctly spelled word:

A. spectackle

B. specktle

C. spectacle

What is C

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