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The moral or lesson in the story

What is theme?


Identify the type of figurative language used here: She was as bright as the sun.

What is a simile?


First person or third person point of view: how do you know.

I hopped on my bike and rode to the store to buy my mom a quart of milk.

What is first person?  It uses the pronouns I, my, 


A recipe for banana bread would be considered which text structure?

What is sequence?


When 2 characters in a play have a conversation, this is called___________.

What is dialogue?


What type of figurative language is this?

It took us a million year to make it home last night.



Which point of view?

When Jessie's family  finished eating, they all went to the backyard to watch the fireworks. Jessie smiled and thought how beautiful everything looked.  Her family stared in amazement.

What is third person limited?


What is the setting?

Michael bounced his right leg nervously as he sat in the sterile room.  The unwelcoming white walls blinded him, and the smell of harsh cleaning solvents attacked his nostrils.

What is a doctor's office?


What is the author's purpose:

A handbook teaching people how to build a birdhouse

What is inform?


Identify the type figurative language used here:

The tree reached for the sky, trying to touch the stars.

What is personification?


The solution to a story is called the _________.

What is resolution?

What type of sound device is used in this poem?

Crack and Egg.

stir the butter.

Break the yolk.

Make it flutter.

Stroke the heat.

Hear it sizzle.



Identify the type of figurative language used here:

The children were roses grown in concrete gardens, beautiful and forlorn.

What is a metaphor?


Pictures, captions, bold print, title, diagram, and sub headings are examples of _______________.

What are informational text elements?


Identify the figurative language, tell what two things are being compared and explain what it means:

The detective listened to her story with a wooden face.

What is metaphor, the detective's face to wood, the detectives had no expression as they listened to her.


What type of sound device is used in line 4?

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.



In drama, these help the reader "see" the scene. They are usually in parenthesis.

What are stage directions?


What is the text structure of the following paragraph? How do you know?

Dr. Miller doesn’t want the tigers to vanish.  These majestic beasts are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Dr. Miller thinks that we should write to our congress people.  If we let them know that we demand the preservation of this species, maybe we can make a difference.  Dr. Miller also thinks that we should donate to Save the Tigers.  Our donations will help to support and empower those who are fighting the hardest to preserve the tigers.  We owe it to our grandchildren to do something.

What is problem/solution?  Dr. Miller suggests things to do so Tigers won't vanish


Identify the point of view of the following paragraph; How do you know (evidence):

Red looked across the prairie. He didn't see anything concerning. He wondered why Texas Joe had hollered like that. Texas Joe turned to him. The ghost that Texas Joe had just seen was gone. Texas Joe swatted at the air. Now he felt crazy. "You have to believe me, Red. It was just here,"said Texas Joe.Red scowled at him in disbelief. "What was just here, Joe?" he asked. Red was angry with Texas Joe for disturbing his sleep for no apparent reason.

What is 3rd person? My evidence is that it uses the pronouns he, him, it.


Problem Solving, Sequence, Cause and Effect are examples of ___________________.

What is text structure?

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