centralized and decentralized staffing
staffing and scheduling options
staffing and scheduling options pt 2
workload measurement tools

in decentralized staffing, who is making the schedule

what is the unit manager


 negatives to 10-12 hour shifts

What is 

  • Fatigue!

  • Less Recovery Sleep in between shifts

  • Increase in Medication and other errors (poor judgement)

  • Drowsy Driving 


explain flextime scheduling

what is this system gives the employee the choice to pick times that best fit their personal schedule.


what is most important about workload measurement tools 

what is the workload measurements need to be reviewed and adjusted frequently to ensure that they are working


gracies cats name

what is winston


limitations of decentralized staffing

what is 

  • Can lead to more randomized staffing, rather than based on need 

  • May not be cost effective

  • Time-consuming for the manager


a pro and a con to travel nurses

 what is they are very useful for low staffing situations, but result in being a lot more expensive.


positives of self scheduling

what is this gives the nurse a sense of control of their work-life

when using a patient classification system, which patient would be higher acuity, level 1 or level 4
what is level 4

macy and gracies hometown

what is blanchard


strengths of centralized staffing 

what is 

  • Provides organizational wide view of staffing needs

  • More consistent and impartial 

  • More cost effective 

  • Gives the nursing manager more time for other tasks


positives to 10-12 hour shifts

what is 

  • Work less days 

  • Better work-life balance

  • Longer patient to nurse familiarity care


in shift bidding, how does the organization choose who works the shift

 what is the organization will choose the lowest bid from the nurse and choose who gets to work.


name 1 of the 3 workload measurement tools

what is nursing care hours per patient day, patient classification systems, workload measurement systems


based on what the article included, is setting patient ratios beneficial

what is yes