Super Weapons
Original Sagoa
Jedi and Sith
Galactic history Hardcore

This Super Weapon was used to try to stop the Rebel Alliance.

what is the Death Star.


This Young boy was born on Tatooine

Anakin Skywalker


These Two Drones Were on board this Carilion Corvette When It was Attack by the empire, But what were the drones names? 

C3PO and R2D2


the Jedi and sith get there power from?

What is the force

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thran was this race

What is a Chiss


this Super weapon was used in the days of the old republic, But it was only shown in star wars rebels

What is Malachor's Sith temple


What did Luke have to-do when odi won told to do something on hoth. 

What is go to dagoba 


These the most Iconic sayings in Star Wars.

what are "May The Force be with you", "I'm Luke Skywalker And here to rescue you", "Don't get Cocky Kid", "I have you now", I'm your father"


This weapon of a Jedi and sith

What is a lightsabre.


What happened to the Galactic Empire 

The rebel alliance attack its leaders and the Empire fell into warlords and cause slowly destroying them selves. 

This Super Weapon was angsts the new republic way after the empire fallen.

What is starkiller base, BIGGER DEATH STAR GO SHOT SHOT.


In revenge of the sith Anakin was told a story from palpatine 

What is the tragedy of dearth plagues the wish.


this man was In the back ground Of the cloud City scene were they were evacuating and became a Meme Over Night.

What is Ice maker Man


this is how the Jedi and even the sith keep records 

what are holocoens 


What is the name of thrans home government, and when was it made  

What is the Chiss Ascendancy made in 3,800 BBY


This Super weapon Could make anything the user wanted, but it could Kill the user. 

What is the Star Forge 


Luke's First Lightsabre he made was 

What is green


this Was one of the most shocking sense in cinema and star wars History. 

What is Vader telling Luke he is his father.


What was The name of the war that beringed down the sith and made the Jedi rise

What are the New Sith Wars


What dose BBY mean what Why is it so important 

BBY means Before the Battle of Yavin. it important is because that was the first space battle we saw in star wars it was the Battle of Yavin the rebel alliance Vs the death star.


This Super weapon was the first weapon ever but only exits in legends. 

What is CenterPoint station 


Anakin did what to win is freedom?

What is pod racing. 


the unsung Hero of the battle of hoth.

What Is the Cannon Sled (yes this exited) 


what did the sith do that was different to the Jedi, recruitment 

Didn't take babys


When was the Infinite empire made? 

When was 36,453 BBY.

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