Prequel trilogy era
Clone Wars
Original trilogy era
Lore Canon or Legends

Name 20 Jedis during the prequel era. 

(Jedi Knight or Master no padawans)

(15 for 50 points)

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How old was Ahsoka when Plo Koon found her?

3 years old.


Name the ghost crew, their spectre number and for bonus 200 points name their role in the squad. 

(7 members)

Kanan Jarrus “spectre 1” (co-leader; Jedi Knight)

Hera Syndulla “spectre 2” (leader; Pilot)

C1-10P “spectre 3” (Mechanic)

Garazeb Orrelios “spectre 4” (Muscle)

Sabine Wren “spectre 5” (Weapons/Explosives Expert)

Ezra Bridger “spectre 6” (Jedi Padawan)

Jacen Syndulla “spectre 7”


What is the war between the Empire and the rebellion called?

The galactic civil war


How do you get a red and white crystal in canon?

Bonus 200 points for how you get red crystal in legends.

Red canon: Pouring dark emotions and/or the dark side itself into the crystal, cause it to bleed, turning the crystal itself and its blade, Red.

White canon: when a Jedi or Force-sensitive individual heals a corrupted or red kyber crystal, which is typically associated with Sith or dark side users.

Bonus red legends: the Sith discovered that they could create synth-crystals that were energized, magnetized, and modified with the power of the dark side of the Force in special furnaces, causing the crystal to glow in harmonic vibration.


Why did Qui-Gon Jinn decline a seat at the Jedi Council?

Qui-Gon Jinn chose to reject and follow his own path. Adhering to a philosophy centered around the Living Force, Jinn strove to follow the will of the Force even when his actions conflicted with the wishes of the High Council.


What was the reason Maul had survived after being cut in half. 

Extra 100 points which 2 individuals did Maul kill to finally gain control of the planet Mandalore/Mand’alor?

Maul survived by focusing on his hatred of Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Extra points: Pre Vizsla & Duchess Satine Kryze


Why did Ezra start using the sith holocron post season 2?

He began to turn to the sith Holocron in order to learn how to protect his friends after what happened with Kanan and Ahsoka 


There were multiple reasons as to why Vader always hired Boba Fett but give the biggest reason as to why he did it. 

Bcuz Boba Fett is a clone of Jango Fett he reminded Vader of the clones he worked with during the clone wars more specifically Captain Rex


The Mandalorians are well known Star Wars characters. What are the 2 things they are known for (they are known for a lot of things but I want 2 specific things that they are known for) and what is their “mascot” and What happened to them and What does the symbol mean to the mandalorians. (I want to know who killed one of these creatures 2, title name)

The darksaber & Beskar. “Mascot” Mythosaur. The mythosaur is a big creature that “ruled” over Mandalor before the mandalorians led by mandalore the first came and conquered the planet where he killed a mythosaur. The symbol of the mythosaur represents strength, power & survival. (There is a lot more but this is enough)


There were 160 Jedi’s, padawans, guards and former Jedi (not yet turning dark side) that survived the Jedi purge. Name 20 of the. (15 for 200 points)

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Why did Barriss Offee eventually turn to the dark side? 

The Jedi weren’t peacekeepers anymore and instead they were generals for a corrupt government 


Why did Maul and Vader want the sith holocron and what could they do with it?

Maul attempted to steal it to gain access to the superweapon to get revenge on all his enemies

Vader planned to take both the holocron and the temple's power to maintain the Sith's rule over the galaxy

The Sith holocron could activate a superweapon designed to take life when placed in an obelisk at the top of the building


Why did Luke Skywalker throw away his lightsaber in ep 6?

When Like looked at Vader’s destroyed hand, it was in that very moment where he then relived that he became just like his father. He told himself that he worked so hard to defeat the darkness, but now it’s almost if he was becoming a part of it. After much thought he said to himself that the only way he could possibly destroy the dark side was if he completely rejected it which led to him throwing the lightsaber away, choosing good over evil. 


Both Legends & Canon have a lot of force abilities. Name at least 5 light side & 5 dark side force abilities, what they are/do and a notable user of that ability.

(Bonus 200 points name 5 neutral abilities, what they are/do and a notable user)

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What was Anakin’s thoughts about him being the chosen one?

Young Anakin: considered himself “first in the force” and growing arrogance.

Older Anakin: Skywalker himself ultimately grew to disbelieve that he was the Chosen One, and dismissed the prophecy as a myth, due perhaps to his own formidable fears.


What did Grand Master Yoda learn while going to the ancient Sith planet of Moraband at the end of the clone wars and what did the ghosts of ancients siths tell him instead?

Yoda went there to learn the secrets of immortality (force ghost). The ancient siths told him that “there is no life after death. Only nothingness awaits you.”


Why was Bendu furious with Kanan and what did he do after?

Bendu refused to take sides in any conflict, and was angered when Kanan called him a coward for not intervening during the Battle of Atollon, which caused him to unleash a storm against both the rebel and Imperial forces on Atollon.


Who did Yoda want to train to become a Jedi, Luke or Leia and why?


After watching both of them through the force he noticed different qualities between the two. Leia was a lot calmer and had a lot of qualities that her mother had and he believed these traits was more “Jedi-like” unlike Luke who had too many similarities to Anakin. He was reckless and impatient. 


Lightsaber forms strengths and weaknesses. 

(-Shien & +Jar’kai)

Form I Shi-Cho: weak against form II & form VII. Anything specific to one-to-one combat. 

Strong against Jar’kai & multiple opponents. Simple move-set gave way to many options.

Form II Makashi: weak against form IV, form V & form VII. Anything with kinetic based power blows. 

Strong against: form I, form VI & form VII. Precision stabs work around erratic and open forms. 

Form III Soresu: weak against form VII. Technically not weak against any form aside from rare cases with form VII. 

Strong against all forms. Based on fatigue. Form III masters outlasted their foes until they found a crack.

Form IV Ataru: weak against form III & multiple opponents. Utilizes a lot of energy and focus on one-to-one saber combat. 

Strong against form V. High mobility outmaneuvers the stagnant approach of form V Djem So.

Form V Djem So: weak against form III & form IV. Depletes one’s strength reserves and lack agility and flexibility. 

Strong against form II & form VII. Superior power attacks and effective counter to an all-offense approach.

Form VI Niman: weak against form II. Less focus on direct dueling principles. More concerned with force chaining. 

Strong against form VII. Effective against weak force walls. Also effective against groups and battlefield situations.

Form VII Juyo/Vaapad: weak against form V & form VI. Weak against counters via the blade or the force.

Strong against form II & form III speed enough to blitz through form II and power enough to muscle through form III. 

Form attachment Jar’Kai: weak against form V & form VII. Lack of two-handed parries makes Jar’Kai defense weak.

Strong against groups. Second blade grants more speed, sacrifices strength.


Qui-Gon Jinn had 3 apprentices and 1 of them turned to the dark side. How did he turn to the dark side and become a dark Jedi and how did he die. 

(250 bonus points for his name)

After he witnessed his sister Nason's death in a riot and Crion's death at the hands of his former master Jinn, he became a Dark Jedi. 

He committed suicide by leaping into a pool of acid.

Bonus points: His name was Xanatos


Describe the biggest points in the clone wars from start to finish.

At least 5 of them

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What did Ezra do to open the “door” to the world between worlds and what would Darth Sidious probably do if he got his hands on the world between worlds? 

(2 things Sidious would probably do)

Ezra used the Force by putting his hand on the daughter’s hand to open a portal into the World Between Worlds. 

Sidious would influence the outcome of several events such as the destruction of the first death star and he would probably go to the past to find the key to immortality and find out the things that Plagueis never taught him (if true to the book Darth Plagueis would mean that he would achieve immortality from a biological sense by learning how to reverse the aging process upon himself)


How did big daddy Sheev punish Vader after cloud city?

After their battle on cloud city Sidious summoned Vader bcuz he couldn’t bring Luke to him. Sidious started torturing Vader and after force crushing every one of Vader’s cybernetic limbs leaving him limbless and telling him that he was supposed to be the chosen one and instead, he was just a tool. Sidious then brought him to mustafar and threw him in the exact spot where he lost to Obi-Wan. As Vader’s limbs began to engulf in flames, Sirius reminded him that the last time he was here, he was broken and it was he who helped rebuild him, but this time it was up to him to rebuild himself all on his own. When Sidious left Vader got reminded of how Obi-Wan left him. 


What are lightsaber colours meaning in Star Wars?

(Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange & Silver/White)

Bonus 200 points name a user that is well known for using that lightsaber colour.

Blue lightsaber Color Meaning: signifies justice, truth, and serenity

Green lightsaber Color Meaning: Represents growth, harmony, and nature

Red lightsaber Color Meaning: Symbolizes anger, strength, and determination

Purple lightsaber Color Meaning: Signifies nobility, royalty, and wisdom

Yellow lightsaber Color Meaning: Represents the power of the sun, hope, and goodness

Orange lightsaber Color Meaning: Denotes ambition, creativity, and resourcefulness

Silver/white lightsaber Color Meaning: Connotes purity, peace, and serenity