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The name of the answer in an addition problem

What is sum?


Mark had 63 baseball cards. He gave 31 of his cards to his best friend. How many baseball cards did he have left?

What are 32 baseball cards?


There are 140 third grade students at Ridge Elementary School. Fourteen of the third graders were absent on Tuesday. How many third graders were at school on Tuesday?

What are 126 students?


The total dinner bill at a buffet came out to $589 for 31 people.  About how much was the buffet cost per person?

What is $19?


True or False: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

What is the true?


The name of the answer in a subtraction problem

What is difference?


Amy had 105 books in her room. She decided to give 6 books to each of her 6 friends. How many books did Amy have left?

What are 69 books?


Richelle had 36 ice cubes and 9 glasses of lemonade. Each glass had the same number of ice cubes. How many ice cubes did she put in each glass?

What are 4 ice cubes?


True or False: 345 + 16.2 = 361.2

What is true?


What is the most popular soda?

What is Coca Cola?


The name of the answer in a multiplication problem

What is product?


Anna had 33 nickels in her piggy bank. Her grandmother gave her some nickels for a good report card. Now Anna has 84 nickels in her bank.

How many nickels did Anna get from her grandmother?

What are 51 nickels?


Ethan had $1,267 in his bank account after he got paid. He spent $834 on his monthly bills, and then he added $185 more. How much money does he have now?

What is $618?


Which number is less than 28.43?

A) 28.435

B) 28.34

C) 28.430

D) 29.43

What is B?


The Grinch stole all of the presents from this town.

What is WhoVille?


The name of the answer in a division problem

What is quotient?


Hilltop Elementary School's Annual Science Fair had 76 projects last year and 89 projects this year. How many projects were there in both years combined?

What is 165 projects?


Adam, Brad, and Caitlin counted their trading cards. Adam counted 9 trading cards. Brad had 4 times as many trading cards as Adam. Caitlin counted 5 times as many trading cards as Brad.

How many trading cards did Caitlin have?

What are 180 trading cards


True or False Is 7,849 a reasonable answer for 49 x 49? Why or why not?

What is false?

What is the most popular ice cream flavor?

What is a vanilla?


The name of the two numbers being multiplied together

What are factors?


Emily is reading the latest Magic Maggie book. She reads 9 pages each day. After 8 days, Emily still has 25 pages left to read.

How many pages are in Emily's book?

What are 97 pages?


18,996 people rode the subway downtown on Friday. 16,925 people rode the subway downtown on Saturday. How many people rode the subway downtown altogether?

What is 35,921 people?


To pay for a sofa, Maddie made a payment of 64 dollars each month for one year. How much did the sofa cost?

What is $768?


What is the top selling candy bar in the U.S?

What is Snickers?

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