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Own Safety

What is your number one priority?


Say guest's name

What is required when scanning guest's boarding pass?

Note:  Acknowledging a guest or a team member by name helps them to feel seen.  It can make their whole day.


Honk or yell "clear"

What is required before moving GSE in the circle of safety or in congested areas?


May only wear the approved uniform pieces.

What is all agents?


2 hours prior to start of shift

What is number of hours ahead of schedule I must call if I am not going to be in to work?


Required for everyone to check daily

What is Cornerstone and emails?

Tip:  check emails one more time before going home so you don't miss anything


Supervisor Armstrong to B3

What is all TCs, sups, MODs will respond to B3 to assist agent?


Five High

What is maximum number you can stack ballasts on Q400 and E175?


Item PSAs can only wear from April 1-September 30 

What is shorts?


Duty Desk sends you an email asking you a question.

What is respond to the email?

Note:  It is your responsibility to ensure your timecard is accurate.  Review your timecard at the end of your shift to ensure all punches are entered and accurate.

DD sends you emails to help YOU!


I have "free" time outside of my assigned flights and required lunches/breaks.

What is identify where I can help and help my team?


Moving in slow motion, glassy-eyed, making irrational statements, aggressive or belligerent, unable to sit upright, walking akwardly, stumbling or falling down

What is signs a guest may be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs?


GSA must wear when on the ramp for the 1st year.

What is bump cap?


Natural hues

What is approved hair color?


Partial or no PSL (protected sick leave)

What is uprotected absence?



What is complaint resolution official?

Note:  CRO must be consulted any time an accessibility related situation arises. 

Most TCs, sups, MODs are trained as CROs.  A qualified CRO will have a yellow CRO card on their lanyard.  


Prohibited items question

What is “Do you have any prohibited items or lithium batteries in your bag?” 


Required pits to check on the inbound of all aircrafts

What is AFT and FWD with lights on?

Bonus:  Double points if team included lights on.


Primarily a solid conservative color.  Preferred colors are black, dark grey or navy.

What is GSA approved shoes?


Schedule in RA and timecard in Kronos don't match

What is explain the discrepancy on the exception log?



What is Ground Security Coordinator?

Note:  The GSC role is to liaise with critical entities during security incidents, and ensure security measures are followed.

Most TCs, sups, MODs are GSC qualified. Designated GSC for the day is listed on the white board in MOD office and flight assignments.


Load error discovered prior to aircraft departing the gate

What is notify the ground team not to push out the A/C until load has been corrected?

Note:  applies to all load discrepancies for GSA and PSA


Q400 props begin to feather

What is I can enter the circle of safety to chock the nose gear of the Q400?


Solid brown or navy and closely match the color of uniform belt.  

Black only when wearing pants.

Casual tennis type in grey or navy required with shorts.

What is approved shoe color for PSAs?


Most up to date record of your PTO, PSL, EL hours

What is Kronos accruals page?

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