Taylor's Life
Finish the Lyric
Finish the Lyric

What is her full name?

Taylor Alison Swift


List the names of Taylor Swift's albums in order (use Taylor's version in place of original version when applicable).

Taylor Swift (debut), Fearless TV, Speak Now TV, Red TV, 1989 TV, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, Midnights, The Tortured Poets Department (bonus, released 4/19/24)


What song did Taylor Swift win her first Grammy for?

White Horse, from Fearless


"He said the way my blue eyes shined, put those Georgia stars to shame that night..."

"...I said, 'That's a lie.'"

Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift (Debut)


"Is this the end of all the endings? My broken bones are mending..."

"...with all these nights we're spending."

King of My Heart, Reputation


When and where was Taylor Swift born?

December 13, 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania


What and when was Taylor Swift's first single released to the radio?

Tim McGraw in the summer of 2006


How many Album of the Year Grammys does Taylor Swift have? She just broke this record at the 66th Grammy Awards in 2024.

Bonus for naming the albums.

4. Fearless, 1989, Folklore, Midnights


"Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceiving, but..."

"...I know I saw a light in you." 

Hey Stephen, Fearless TV


"Can I go, where you go?..."

"...Can we always be this close?"

Lover, Lover


What artist is Taylor Swift named after?

James Taylor (bonus, he was referenced in Begin Again from her Red album)


How many songs has Taylor Swift released thus far in her career?

243 (includes covers, does not include her new album since they aren't released yet).


How many American Music Awards has Taylor Swift won in her career thus far?

40, she holds the record for most AMAs


"All I know, is this could either break my heart..."

"...or bring it back to life."

Electric Touch (From the Vault), Speak Now TV


"You're not my homeland anymore..."

"...so what am I defending now?

Exile, Folklore


What type of farm did Taylor Swift grow up on?

A Christmas tree farm

How many Number One songs has Taylor Swift had? Bonus points for listing the songs

11. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Shake if Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar, Look What You Made Me Do, Cardigan, Willow, All Too Well (10 Minute version) TV From the Vault, Anti-Hero, Cruel Summer, and Is It Over Now?


Taylor Swift holds the record for most albums debuted at number 1 consecutively for a solo artist, how many albums of hers debuted at number 1 consecutively (in a row)?

13. Starting with Fearless and continuing through her rerecorded albums. 

Added information: Jay-Z has 14 number one albums, just not consecutive number ones and the Beatles hold the record at 19 consecutive number one albums.


"You kept me like a secret..."

"...but I kept you like an oath."

All To Well (10 Minute Version From the Vault), Red TV


"You know that my train could take you home..."

"...anywhere else is hollow."

Willow, Evermore


What are the names of Taylor Swift's cats?

Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button


List as many as you can of the Taylor Swift songs in the Top 10 when she set the record of being the first artist to ever hold all ten spots. Bonus if you can list them in order from 1 to 10.

1. Anti-Hero 2. Lavender Haze 3. Maroon 4. Snow on the Beach 5. Midnight Rain 6. Bejeweled 7. Question...? 8. You're on Your Own, Kid 9. Karma 10. Vigilante Sh..


When Taylor Swift broke the record of most albums in the Top 10 for a living artist, which five albums were in the Top 10?

1989 TV, Lover, Folklore, Midnights, and Speak Now TV.

The only other artist to do this was Prince after he died in 2016.


"Screaming, crying, perfect storm..."

"...I can make all the tables turn."

Blank Space, 1989 TV


"Did all the extra credit, then got graded on a curve..."

"...I think its time to teach some lessons."

Bejeweled, Midnights