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What does being a lawyer mean? 

Representing People in Court;

Knowing a lot about laws; 

being a leader 


What Language Is Spoken in Brazil 

Brazilian Portuguese 


What are the following symbols:

x  ÷ >< cm 

x : multiplication 

÷ : division 

>< : Greater Than/Less Than 

cm: centimeters 


How did Pepsi solve the lawsuit? Did they give a jet? 

Pepsi changed the number of points needed to get the jet (they never gave out a jet) 


Who can name all your teachers and what class they teach? 

Ms.Emily & Ms.Maddie - Reading 

Ms.Tess & Ms.Jamie - Math 

Mr.Edwin & Ms.Jodiana - Law 


What was the name of the Prosecutor we met last week? 

Attorney General Jessica 


In art class we made/are making ______ gardens. What are they called?

Zen Gardens


What does it mean to be an antiracist? 

"one who expresses the idea that racial groups are equal and who supports policy that reduces racial inequity" 


Washoe the monkey made history with her case! What was Washoes case an example of? 

Animal Rights! 


What is Ms. Jodi and Mr Edwins zodiac sign? 

(Ms.Jodi's birthday is October 17 and Mr.Edwin's birthday is May 22) 

Mr.Edwin is a Gemini 

Ms. Jodi is a Libra 


How did we define battery and what is one example of battery? 

Battery means to hit/physically touch someone. One example could be grabbing a plate, hitting someone's arm, etc. 


Name 3 types of talents we saw at the talent show... 

singing, impressions, dancing, gymnastics, magic, piano, art 


How did Ibram X. Kendi describe Abraham Lincoln in Stamped? (Was he a good guy or not so good guy) 

Abraham Lincoln was a "fake friend," he was an assimilationist / segregationist 


Did Mary Rush win her lawsuit against the rental company? 

Yes, She Did! 


Where does Ms.Jodi go to college (the name of the school or the state) 

Earlham College in Indiana 


How many courthouses do we have in Rhode Island (HINT: It's between 1-5) 

We have 4 courthouses in Rhode Island 


Fill in the blank: This is Generation Teaches _______ summer at BVP



5th Grade: 

How can we convert 23cm to meters? 

3rd Grade: 

81 ÷ 9 

5th Grade: 0.23 meters 

3rd Grade: 



When did we use legal synthesis this summer? 

The candy store case! 


What teachers are from Rhode Island? 

Ms.Jamie, Mr.Edwin, and Ms.Jodi are all from Rhode Island 

Define the term legal synthesis ( you can use your notes if you'd like to) 

Changing laws/rules based on new information 


What is the daily schedule here at Generation Teach (What do we do every day) 

5th Grade: 

1.) Reading 2.)Law 3.) Math 4.) Lunch/Recess 5.) Enrichment (Art, Generation Genius, Sports) 6.) Advisory/Community Meeting 7.) go home :(

3rd Grade: 

1.) Math 2.)Reading 3.) Law 4.) Lunch/Recess 5.) Enrichment (Art, Generation Genius, Sports) 6.) Advisory/Community Meeting 7.) go home :(



Who was the worlds "first racist" according to Ibram X Kendi? 

Gomes Earnes de Zurara 


What was the outcome of McDonalds Vs. Stella 

McDonalds was found guilty and paid Stella a lot of money! 

Who can name 5 teachers who do not teach our class? 

Ms.Becca Mr. Mike

Ms.Jane Ms. Darleene 

Mr.Yiru Ms.Liz

Ms.Sydney Ms.Winnie 

Ms.Tiana Ms.Kim

Mr.Roda Ms.Vannessa 

Ms.Annaliese Ms.Phuongthao 

Mr.Manny Ms.Nikki 

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