Story Elements
Context Clues

What was the setting of the story?

The old man's house


What is the old man trying to do when the story begins?

The old man is trying to catch the mouse


The old man jabbed holes into the box so that the mouse could breathe. 

What does jab mean?

To poke something hard

What time of day was it when the story began? 

Day time; It was light outside


What is a perspective?

Someone's feelings/attitude about something

Someone's point of view


Who were the characters in the story?

The old man and the mouse


What does the mouse do at the end of the story?

The mouse climbs up the old man's arm and lays on his shoulder

The mouse eats crumbs off the old man's shoulder


The old man captured the mouse underneath the box. 

What does capture mean?

To be trapped

To catch


What time of day was it when the story ended?

Night time; It was dark outside


What was the man's perspective (mouse) at the beginning of the story?

He wanted the mouse gone

He did not like the mouse


What are three different story elements (parts of a story)?

Setting, characters, plot, main idea/theme, resolution


What prevents the old man from leaving the mouse outside?

The old man hears a cat


At first, the mouse was skeptical when the old man tried to give him food. He did not eat it.  

What does skeptical mean?

Being unsure of something

Having doubts


What can you infer about the old man's initial feelings towards the mouse? How do you know?

He did not like the mouse

He wanted to get rid of the mouse

He was trying to catch the mouse


What was the mouse's perspective (old man) when/after being caught?

The mouse was scared of the old man

The mouse didn't trust the old man


What is the main idea of a story?

The message or idea the author wants to communicate through plot, characters, setting, etc.


What is the plot of a story?

The main events that occur in the story


At first, the old man was opposed to having the mouse in his house. He was trying to get rid of him. 

What does oppose mean?

To be against something 

To disapprove of something 


What can you infer about the old man's feelings when he first caught the mouse? How do you?

He was smiling

He was dancing


How did the mouse's perspective (old man) change?

The mouse felt safe and trusted the old man


What was the resolution of the story?

The old man accepted the mouse in his house

The mouse trusted the old man

They became friends


How does the old man try to gain the mouse's trust?

He pokes holes in the mouse's box

He gives the mouse water

He gives the mouse food, but eats some first


When the match fell, the mouse came restricted to the box. The mouse could get out. 

What does restrict mean?

To keep within something

To keep under control

To limit


What is an inference?

Something you conclude using evidence and reasoning


How did the old man's perspective (mouse) change when he heard the cat outside?

He was worried for the mouse's well-being and wanted to protect it.