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When doing our first Dynasty future predictions, Steve had this QB as QB1 and this RB as RB4?

Name the Players.

Justin Herbert and Cam Akers


In 2021, Jonathan Taylor ran for a 67 Yard TD that overall help Newman defeat Josh in a playoff matchup. Name the team that the Colts played against.

Bonus (100): Closer player to JT total rushing yards that game gets an extra point. 


Bonus: 170 yards


Who is the NBA All-time steals leader?

John Stockton


Who led the NFL in rushing TDs this year?

Bonus (100): If you get the correct number

Raheem Mostert 

Bonus: 18


What month is Brian's birthday in?

Bonus (100): Get the exact date.


Bonus: 30th


Stephen wanted to talk to a girl in one of classes but was sitting too far from her. He then came up with a strategy to sit next to her. What was this strategy called?

Bonus (100 Points): Who was he borrowing the glasses from?

Glasses Strat

Bonus: His brother


Name all the champions so far in the league and who they played against. 

2021: Newman beats Venditti

2022: Chris beats Spec

2023: Venditti beats Newman


Who is leading the league in FG%

Daniel Gafford


This MLB won Super Bowl XLVIII MVP despite not doing much before or after this game.

Name the player.

Bonus (100): Name the Year the Super Bowl occured and Starting QB for both teams.

Malcolm Smith

Bonus: 2014. Wilson and Manning


Newman recently got with a girl and she dubbed his plans. Later he saw her at a rap release party?

Name that girl.

Bonus (100): Name the Rapper

Caden (Cade and em)

Bonus: Young 2e/Tuyi/Elijah 


Yes this is a Dynasty Question but get trolled Steve.

Steve famously traded the 1.02 for 2024 1st + some other assets and players.

Name all the players involved in the deal on both sides.

Chris got: B Rob

Steve got: Big Wall and C-Wat


How many times has JaMarr Chase has been traded in the main dynasty league?

Bonus: 200 Points if u can name everyone that has had him

5 Times 

Bonus: Josh, DiNicola, Venditti, Rossi


Who is leading the league in 3 Point Percentage?

Grayson Allen


How many total games are played in regular season?

272 (16 team times 17 games)


Brian has been in a redraft league since 7th grade with the same people. Name 8 of 10 people in that league. If you get one wrong you do not get the points.

Newman, Lamb, John, Birnbach, Hags, Roman/Jeremy, Connor, Jaden, DiNicola, Murphy


The Dons GC was brought together by a fake tweet about a player. Who put out the fake tweet about what player and who named the gc?

Newman put out a Dazz Newsome tweet, which resulted in our GC being formed and Steve naming it "The Dons"

Adam (per usual) made a god awful trade with Venditti in November of 2021 giving him CeeDee Lamb in exchange for picks and one player.

How many firsts were involved and who was that player?

Need both to get the point.

Antonio Gibson 

One single first.


There is 15 Multiple MVPs in NBA History. Name at least 13. All 15 gets you 200 more points.

Giannis, Jokic, Curry, Nash, Duncan, Karl and Moses Malone, Pettit, Magic, Bird, LeBron, Wilt, MJ, Russell, Kareem


Name 5 of Top 6 Rushing TDs All-Time

Emmitt, LT, Marcus Allen, Peterson, Walter Payton, Jim Brown


If Newman didn't go to LSU, what college would have he went to?



The Dons have filmed many videos in the past. Name the first video that Newman uploaded to Youtube. 

Hint: Rossi was also in this video

Dazz Newsome player review.


In 2021, Newman was projected 99% chance to win the championship until this player scored 3 teams and Venditti was then favored. 

Name the Player.

Bonus (200): Name the player who scored for Newman the next day to win it for him.

DK Metcalf

Bonus: Diontae Johnson


Name 8 Players on the 2010-11 Championship Dallas Mavericks Roster

JJ Barea, Rodrigue Beaubouis, Corey Brewer, Caron Butler, Brian Cardinal, Tyson Chandler, Brendon Haywood, Dominque Jones, Jason Kidd, Ian Mahinimi, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, DeShawn Stevenson, Peja Stojakovic, Jason Terry.


This Chiefs rookie out of Tulane lead the league in rushing his rookie year. Name this rookie and then every single rushing leader 2017-2023.

2017: Hunt

2018: Zeke

2019 and 2020: Henry



2023: CMC


The Dons has recently discovered that Newman has gotten with a picnic table.

Name the first name of that girl.