Social Studies

What is the area and perimeter of a 6cm x 12cm rectangle?

72cm^2 and 36cm


How are Igneous rocks formed

They form when hot, molten rock crystallizes and soldifies


What are the 5 W's of story analysis/writing?

Who, what, where, when, and why. 


Which battle in the Seven Years' War dealt a decisive blow to the French, and effectively ended the war in North America?

The Battle of Quebec, most commonly known as The Battle of the Plains of Abraham


What is the volume and surface area of a cylinder that has a height of 12cm and a radius of 3cm to the nearest 2 decimal places?

339.29cm^3 and 282.74cm^2


What are the three main states of matter, and under what category does water vapour fall into?

Solid, Liquid, Gas. Water Vapour is a Gas


Which poem is classified as having 17, syllables, three lines, and is usually about nature?

A haiku


Who forced Japan to open itself up to trade after centuries of Isolationism, and what year did this occur? 

Commodore Matthew Perry, 1853. 


Solve: 6x+ 7x - 20 divided by 2x + 5

3x - 4


Two different devices are recorded. Device 1 has an input energy of 600 and an output energy of 370. Device 2 has an input energy of 360 and an output energy of 210. Which device is more efficient?

Device 1 is more energy efficient


What is a motif?

A distinctive and repeating feature or idea in a story, often used to develop other elements such as theme and/or mood. 


What are the three main branches of government?

Executive, Legislative, Judicial. 


Solve the following System of Equation:

y = 2x + 5 

3x - 2y = -9

x = -1 

y = 3


What element has the letters "Ne" and how many protons does it have?

Ne is Neon. It has 10 Protons. 


Name a book that can be defined as an allegory. 

Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, To Kill a Mockingbird...


When was the Berlin Conference, and what was its purpose?

1884, its purpose was to negotiate the territories to be gained by the European Powers in the Scramble for Africa. 


What is the y-intercept of the equation:

y = -(x-3)+ 5



Is the Pancreas an endocrine or exocrine organ? Which is it, and why? 

It is both. The pancreas has an exocrine function that secretes enzymes for digestion and an endocrine function that helps maintain blood sugar.


What is the difference between a Simile and a Metaphor?

A simile is a comparison between two different things using like or as. A metaphor is similar, in that it compares two very different things to suggest a likeness. 


What were the three estates that made up the Estates-General, and how many votes did each Estate get?

The Clergy (First Estate), the Nobility (Second Estate), and the Commoners or everybody else (Third Estate). Each estate only had one vote. 

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