What is it?
Test Administrator's Job

According to the NMIC TABE 11 & 12 Administration Guide, THIS test "assesses an applicant's literacy and numeracy abilities through an extensive battery of tests designed to measure specific academic domains..."



Instructions for the TABE test given in this language.



As an testing administrator, it is your responsibility to hand out to each applicant/test-taker two #2 pencils, one NMIC-issued calculator, scrap paper, and these very important items.

the test booklets and answer sheets


The acronym TABE stands for:

a. Test Assessment and Brilliance Exam

b. Test Assessing Basic Education

c. Tests of Adult Basic Education

d. None of the above

c. Tests of Adult Basic Education

"For 50 years, the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) have been well respected assessment tools for use in adult education."


True or False: A test-taker may use a pen, just so long as the ink is black.

False: A test-taker must use a #2 pencil for all parts of the TABE test.


True of False: The test administrator may give the instructions for the TABE Locator and all other parts of the TABE test in writing.

False: a test administrator must READ and/or say the instructions


Results of this TABE pre-test is "used to determine the appropriate level of (TABE) test" to be used for the remainder of the testing session."

The Locator


True or False: The language section of the TABE locator is ALWAYS used during the testing session for NMIC.

False; the language section is not used at all by NMIC during intake testing


While calculators are allowed for the Math part of the TABE, this kind of calculator is not permitted.

Scientific calculators and/or cell phone calculators


The Locator test is composed of one Reading section and two Math sections. The total time for the entire Locator is what amount of time?

55 minutes:

35 minutes - Reading

10 minutes - Math I

10 Minutes Math II


According to the NMIC TABE 11 & 12 Administration Guide, warnings about time remaining and/or elapsed are given in these intervals.

15 mins remaining

5 minutes remaining

1 minute remaining


True or False: if an applicant/test-taker finishes a part of the Locator or the TABE before time is called, they may not go on to the next section until time is called and they instructed to begin the next section.


True or False: Applicants or test-takers will take both the Reading and Math Locator, even if they are only taking the Reading exam.


(p. 8 of the NMIC TABE 11 & 12 Administration Guide)


It would behoove test administrators to remind NMNIC that this is one important item that is missing from the NMIC TABE 11 & 12 Administration Guide.

The scoring & placement guide

Applicants/test-takers may use a calculator during this section of the TABE Locator and the TABE 11 & 12 itself.

Math Part II, only 

(p.8 of NMIC TABE 11 & 12 Administration Guide)