All About Me
Coping Skills
Social Skills

Name something you like about yourself

Yes! There are so many awesome things about you!

Earn an extra 100 points for naming 3 extra things you like about yourself!


Tell about a time you felt sad



When you are mad .... what coping skill helps you feel better?

Way to go!


A girl in your class draws a picture for you and is excited to give it to you. But when you see the picture... you don't like it. What do you do?

The polite thing to do is to say Thank You the person for drawing you a picture and place the picture in a safe space for keeping. 

It would be impolite and hurt their feelings to tell the girl you do not like the drawing. 


Tell about the happiest moment of your life

Yeah for happiness!!


Tell about a time you felt scared

Ugh... so scary!!!

True or False

Coping skills are dumb and do not work


Coping skills are fantastic and help us feel better!


You are standing in line at school and the kid behind you is bothering you. What do you do?

First - use your words kindly and ask them to stop

Second - try to ignore

Third - ask a teacher for help


Tell about something you are good at

You are awesome!!


What is your favorite feeling?

That is a great feeling to have!!


When you are sad.... what coping skill helps you feel better?

Great job!


Another kid that goes to your school waves and says hi to you in the hallway, but you don't know them. What do you do?

Because you are safe at school and the kid is simply being nice and saying Hi.... it is ok to be kind in return and wave and say hi back :)


Tell about a time you were brave

You rock!


Tell about a time you felt angry/mad



What is a coping skill someone can use when they are feeling worried or anxious!

Great idea! I am going to try that one for sure!


You really want to play with your best friend, but your best friend is playing with another kid in your class. What do you do?

You can ask your best friend if you can join them and all play together. 


You can ask another friend to play with you


Fill in the blank:

I am proud of myself when


Go you!!!


What is something that makes you laugh?

Ha ha ha!!

Earn an extra 100 points by telling a funny joke!


Name 3 coping skills you use that almost always help you feel better

Great job!!!

You see a kid in your class teasing another kid in your class about getting their spelling words wrong. What do you do?

It is important to stand up for yourself and for others if they are being teased or bullied. 

You can use your words and say "Teasing someone is really mean. Please stop."


You can ask a teacher for help