Context Clues
ELA Test

What is the Main Idea?

What a question is mostly about.


What words mean life lesson?

1. Central message 

2. Theme 

3. Central idea 


We had to vacate the building when the tornado siren sounded because no one could be left inside

Leave empty


What does ADD stand for in a short response question?

Answer, Detail, Detail 


What do you ALWAYS jot at the end of a non-fiction passage?

Main Idea


What do you ALWAYS jot at the end of a fiction passage? 

Life lesson, theme, central message 


My body was still quivering after my brother jumped out from behind the bush to scare me.


What should you always do when reading a test passage?

Roadmap and code


What are strategies to determine the main idea?

1. look for repeating words 2. Find the topic and the "so what" about a topic 3. Figure out what each paragraph is mostly about and connect ideas

How do you know a text is fiction?

1. Characters

2. Problem/Solution 

3. Setting 

4. The events are not real or have not actually happened in real life.


The giant ice cream sundae was so scrumptious that I ate the entire thing.



True or False: It is okay to make accidental stray marks on your bubble sheet, as long as you fill in the circles correctly?



What is the difference between expository nonfiction and narrative nonfiction?

Expostiory Nonfiction is about a topic

Narrative Nonfiction is about one person or thing


What is a cause? What is an effect? 

Cause: Why 

Effect: What happened


The players were rattled by the quick score against them and took time to settle down.

confuse or upset

What are the two most important steps when answering multiple choice questions?

1. Mark up the answers (x the wrong, -possible answers)

2. GO BACK TO THE TEXT (underline when needed)


Tigers are a type of cat but they are very different from house cats. Cats make noises like purring and meowing. Tigers roar very loudly What is the main idea?

Tigers and cats are different 

  • My brother, John and I are having so much fun playing outside today! There is mud in our backyard from the storm earlier this morning. WE are driving trucks up, ovder, and around the hills created by the rain. Toward the end we just started splashing each other. By the look on Mom’s face, I think we might be in trouble.

Who is telling this story?

A: John

B. James

C. Mom

How do you know?

B. James 

The sentence says "my brother John and I". James is the best choice because it couldn't be their mom and Johns name is already in the sentence.


As the koals travel from tree to tree in search of food, the baby will cling to its mother’s back. The baby is unable to travel on its own when it is so little, so it holds on tightly to its mother’s back to get to the new location. By holding on tightly, the baby koala is safe during travel.

What does the word cling mean as it is used in the passage?

To hold onto 


What do you need to get the full 2 points on a short response questions?

1. Correct answer 

2. Two Details