Cherie and Andrea

noticed that the new

student, Mandy, was

standing by herself

during recess. They

decided to go over and

coax her to join them in

practicing some TikTok

dances. It took a few minutes of convincing, but soon, all three of them were dancing and laughing.

to gently persuade someone to do something.


Alison wanted to try

something new, but she

was feeling anxious. She

wasn’t sure if she had

enough video editing

experience to take her

friend’s videos and turn

them into fun TikToks.

She decided to give it a

try, even though she

was nervous, and the

videos turned out




April woke up to bad

news. She had gotten a

red alert blinking on her

phone that someone

had tried to hack her

TikTok account! She

was glad that she had

a password that

nobody would ever

guess, but she hoped

that this wasn’t going

to be difficult to sort


a warning about a problem.


The Miller family had a

lot of baggage packed

for their trip to the

beach! They had four

suitcases, 3 duffel

bags, a garment bag,

and several beach bags

stuffed full of their

belongings. They hoped

that they would be

able to fit everything in

the car!

belongings packed in bags for travel


Grayson was panicking.

Try as she might, she

could not recall the

information that she

needed to complete

her test. She just could

not remember

anything about dividing

fractions! She hoped

that her teacher might

give her another

chance to take the test.

to remember


Noelle was very crafty and

wanted to find some

TikTok channels where

people demonstrated how

to scrapbook, knit, make

things from clay, and paint.

She tried using the search

feature but wasn’t finding

what she was looking for.

Finally, she stumbled upon

the channel

CrazyCraftyChristine and

saw previews of all kinds

of fun art projects. This

was just what she was

looking for!

interested in or good at crafts


One of Jacob’s favorite

things to do was to

entertain people with

his silly TikToks. He loved

making videos of

pranks, jokes, and skits

for his followers to

enjoy. A lot of people

thought that Jacob’s

channel was one of the

funniest on TikTok!

to provide amusement or enjoyment


Peyton was trying to

think of a good way to

convince her parents to

let her get TikTok on her

phone. She tried to think

of all the things that she

could learn from watching

TikTok videos about her

favorite subject,

astronomy. She made a

poster for her parents

to show them how much

this would help her with

her future job!

to make someone believe in something


Jason was doing a

report on simple

machines. He drew a

diagram of the wheel

and string on a pulley

system to show how it

worked. He hoped that

this would help to

increase his grade!

a drawing showing how something words

Kaitlyn was

disappointed. She was

listed as an alternate

on the relay team for

the upcoming track

meet. If one of the

other runners couldn’t

run, then she could

participate. If not,

then she could only

cheer from the


someone who acts as a substitute.


Reggie was a reliable

TikToker- you could

always count on him to

put out a video each day.

His fans were worried

when he didn’t post a

video for three days

straight, and they sent

him hundreds of

messages. Finally, he

posted a video and

explained what had

happened- his phone

had broken!

Dependable; consistent


Rob couldn’t wait to

try out his new device!

He had purchased a

new ring light with a

phone holder and

adjustable stand so

that he could take

videos for his TikTok

page from many

different angles. He

planned to shoot a few

videos and try it out tonight.

a thing made for a particular purpose




Michelle’s family is

planning a party. Her

grandfather was going

to retire from his job

of 40 years. Now that

Grandpa was not going

to be working anymore,

he would have a lot of

time to spend with

Michelle and her siblings!

to be done working at a job for the rest of one's life

My gymnastics coach

says that having a

positive attitude is an

important part of being

successful. When we

come into the gym with

a smile on our face,

listen to the coach, and

keep trying even after

we fall down, that

makes a big difference

in our performance!

a way of thinking or feeling that shows somone's behavior


John had a TikTok

channel all about cars.

But what made John

special was that he had a

sign language interpreter

come on his videos and

translate what he was

saying into American Sign

Langauge. That way,

people who were Deaf or

hard of hearing could see

what he was saying

about all of the cars

that he worked on.

To express words in one language into another.


Grace had a baking

channel on TikTok, and

she was baking a

chocolate cake. She

wished her viewers

could smell the aroma

through the screen! It

smelled so good, and

she could hardly wait

to try it.

a pleasant smell


Amber’s science teacher

was showing the class

how to do today’s

experiment. She tried to

make the students see

how important it was to

take accurate

measurements when

pouring the chemicals

into the beakers. Even

going over by 1 millimeter

could cause an explosion!

exact, correct in all the details


Ryan was filled with

envy when her friend

Jill came into school

with a new pair of

Jordans. She had

wanted that same pair

of Jordans for such a

long time! It wasn’t fair

that Jill had gotten a

pair before she did.

feeling jealous of something that someone else has 


Fred and Frank are

identical twins in my

class. Sometimes I

can’t tell them apart!

They both have short

brown hair, and brown

eyes and are the same

height. They even sound

the same when they


exactly alike


Amy was frustrated.

She was having trouble

with her new TikTok

video this morning and

struggled with her

timing, captions, filters,

and music. Nothing was

going right! Finally, she

decided to take a

break and save the

video to her drafts,

where she could

work on it later.

Having difficulty


Marisol has a lot of

talent when it comes to

making TikTok videos! She

plays different

characters in the videos,

does all the editing and

special effects, and even

mixes some of the music

that plays during the

videos. She is great at

making videos that

people like to watch.

a natural skill


Josie and Rachel

wanted to prepare for

their social studies

test. They made

flashcards, took notes,

and quizzed each other

on everything found in

the chapter. They were

sure that they would

do well on their tests!

to get ready for something


Grandma looked frail

after her surgery.

She was thin and

shaky and had to

use a cane to walk.

However, that didn’t

stop her from being

happy to see her

family when they

came to visit!

weak and delicate


We learned in Biology

class that water is

essential for humans.

Humans would die

without water! In fact,

between 55 and 60% of

the human body is

made of water.

necessary; needed very much