How many tones can have a text? Mention two possible tones (Examples).  

A text can have more than one tone. Examples: Cheerful, Serious, Formal, Joyful, Optimistic, Sad, Negative, frightened etc.


What is the name of the ancient paints and symbols found into the prehistoric caves? 



Nucleus, orbits, protons, neutrons, and electrons are the parts of an... 



-4 X 9 = 



It is written in verses or stanzas of four lines and these lines regularly rhyme with each other. What is its name?   



How and why the ancient sumerians honor their gods?

The ancient Sumerians worshipped gods making big statues of them, because  they believed their gods controlled the natural world, such as vegetation, and forces of nature.


Mention at least 5 of the 13 animal cell parts. 

vacuoles, cytoplasm, vesicles, centrioles, ribosomes, nuclear membrane, cell membrane, cytoskeleton, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, nucleolus, Golgi apparatus and nucleus.


6/2 (1+2) = 



What is the difference between history and fiction? And what is Historical fiction? Take in account the settings, plot and Characters. 

The history nonfiction book genre consists of events of significant change that happened in the past,  while fiction is literature created from the imagination, not presented as fact, though it may be based on a true story or situation. 

Historical fiction is a literary genre set in the past and characterized by fictional reconstructions of historical events and people. Historical fiction attempts to transport readers to another time and place.


He was a Russian well know Prince between 1530 and 1584. He was so cruel with his reign and population. In fact, when he was walking through Moscow streets he used to whiped people. Besides he was crowned when he was three.  Who was this king?

Ivan IV, best known as Ivan "The Terrible".  


What are the differences among an atom, a molecule and a compound?  

The differences are: In size the atom is the smallest one, and when it mixes with more atoms they together make a molecule, which is bigger and talking about composition it is more complex, and when many molecules joined together they form a compound, which is the most complex and the bisggest of the three ones. 


6+(w -10)= 5

w= 9


What means making predictions in literacy and movies? and What tools do you use for doing them?

Predictions: Is to guess what’s going to happen next.  


  • title
  • subheadings or chapter titles
  • reasonable inferences about characters, situations, and events
  • repeated words, phrases, and ideas
  • pictures or images

He was a spellbinding orator, gifted writer and a skill politician, who conquered the highest goverment Rome positions and creating powerful trops and loyal followers, he was well known as a dictator. Who is this importan emperor? 

Julius Caesar 


Explain what is an endothermic reaction? and give an example explaining it.

An endothermic reaction is when an object absorbs energy or heat from the surrondings to produce a physical or chemical change. For example when an ice vcube melts or the photosynthesis process. 


14 = -2c -6-3c

c= -4


Read the following extract from Anne Frank and identify the tone and mood of the text, highlight evidence to support your response.  

May 18th 1943: “All college students are being asked to sign an official statement to the effect that they ‘sympathise with the Germans and approve of the New Order.” Eighty per cent have decided to obey the dictates of their conscience, but the penalty will be severe. Any student refusing to sign will be sent to a German labour camp.”

Tone: Negative and frightened. Word Evidence: "penalty", "severe"

Mood: Stress and Panic. Word evidence: "Refusing" "penalty will be severe". "students are being asked to sign".


This King  reached along arm across England.He claimed land for himself and laid the foundations of England’s modern legal system. And he mounted the throne in 1154. His name starts with "H" 

Henry II


It is the bending of light when this passes from one medium into another. One example is when light passes from air to water: If we have a pencil into a glass of water, the light bends, its to say that it gives a delusion of deformation on thepencil it looks bigger.

Light Refraction 


-2 1/2 * 5 2/3 = 

85/6 = 14 1/6