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UDL Planning
WEB 2.0
This provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs.
What is Universal Design for Learning?
The most common visual of Universal Design that illustrates the heart of accessibility
What is a curb cut?
Universal Design for Learning occurs during this stage of lesson development
What is the planning stage?
A website that replaces difficult vocabulary with synonyms on a 3rd grade level
What is Rewordify?
An image that can be "quickly" scanned by a device resulting in a "response" which takes the user to a resource on the Web such as a video, animation, another image, web site, or social media location.
What is a QR Code?
The only state in the county that has a UDL law for educators
What is Maryland?
This "function" allows a user to hear digital text read aloud which may be useful for listening to questions, understanding vocabulary, processing information, and editing written work.
What is text to speech?
A three-word phrase, slogan or mantra that educators can keep in mind when making decisions about implementing curriculum.
What is "Provide Flexible Options?"
A website to make Word Clouds
What is
Online social bookmarking tool that links bookmarks to visual squares
What is Symbaloo?
"Lecturing" or "listening to an audio recording" or "watching a movie" or "looking at a picture" or "giving directions using an avatar" are all examples of this.
What is Multiple Means of Representation?
Audio amplification (multimedia) Background font/color Highlight tool Headphones or noise buffers Line reader tool Magnification/enlargement device Note pad Pop-up glossary are all examples of what?
UDL accessibility features available to all students during passage reading
According to the University of North Carolina, the following are the seven principles are inherent in this architectural concept: Equitable use, Flexibility in use, Simple and intuitive, Perceptible information, Tolerance for error, Low physical effort, Size and space for approach and use
What is Universal Design (in architecture)?
300 and http: are all examples of web sites that help a user perform this task.
What is creating a timeline?
Has document generator, shared calendars, drawing component, email and is FREE and used in QACPS
What is Google Docs?
"Talking" or "drawing a picture" or "making a video" or "recording audio" or "gesturing" or "building a model" or "performing a skit" are all examples of this.
What is "Multiple Means of Expression"?
Funded by the DOE, this online organization provides text to people with print-based disabilities
What is Bookshare?
UDL is grounded in research from architecture plus this field that stresses knowing each child in your classroom
What is brain-based research?
400,, and allow users to create this form of representation and expression.
What are comics or comic strips?
Online resource where you can download Library books for free to read on digital devices
What is the Maryland Digital eLibrary Consortium?
"Interactive websites" or/and "writing for an authentic purpose" or/and "avators" or/and "texting responses" are examples of this...
What is "Multiple Means of Engagement"?
StickyKeys: Press one key at a time for key combinations FilterKeys: Ignore brief or repeated keystrokes and slow down the repeat rate ToggleKeys: Hear tones when pressing certain keys MouseKeys: Control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad Button Configuration: Reverse the function of the right and left mouse button Double-click Speed: Adjust the double-click speed of the mouse ClickLock: Highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button are all examples of these
What are Microsoft Accessibility features?
UDL Book Builder UDL Curriculum Self-Check UDL Editions UDL Lesson Builder Science Writer Strategy Tutor
What are UDL tools developed by CAST
500 & are two web-based methods for a user to perform this function, which is useful as an alternative to writing as a form of expression.
What is sound recording?
Contains text to speech, word prediction, text reading, and voice to text PLUS it is available on every QACPS computer and it is available for FREE for home use!!
What is WordQ/SpeakQ?
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