Calming Down

What we think before, after, or during emotions. 

Example: " I cant believe that happened"

What are thoughts


"Vaping" Is the act of inhaling vapor through an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)

What is True? Vaping is used to inhale flavored vapor through an electronic cigarette.


What is the term for thoughts that make you feel good and encourage positive emotions?

What are "helpful thoughts"?


What is the term for a technique that can help reduce stress and anxiety using the breath?

What is "deep breathing"?

True or False. Our feelings are important because they help us deal with situations we encounter daily.
What is true? Our feelings are made to be felt, explored, understood and released in a positive manner.

A pattern of behavior that someone does repetitively  This could be positive or negative. 

What is habit 


Vaping products contain tobacco

What is False, Vaping products contain nicotine 


What type of thoughts often involve unrealistic or catastrophic thinking, leading to increased stress and anxiety?

What are "unhelpful thoughts"?


This popular mindfulness technique involves focusing on the present moment.

What is mindfulness (or meditation).

True or False. Can a person be angry and happy at the same time?
What is false? This is called Reciprocal Inhibition. This means that two feelings cannot occupy the same space at one time. Turn your bad energy into good energy.

What we do or say

What is behavior or action


Vapes are Healthier than using or smoking Tobacco Products

What is false. Vaping is not healthier than smoking tobacco despite social acceptance.


Tremaine is worried about an upcoming test. Give two examples of helpful thoughts he can use to cope with stress or anxiety.

What is "I can handle this situation if I take it one step at a time"?

"I know the material because I've studied"

"I can study right now and make sure I'm ready for the next test"


When you engage in physical activities like jogging or yoga to reduce stress and anxiety, you are practicing this.

What is "exercise" or "physical relaxation"?


How much or how little emotion we feel. 

**Hint Think of a rating the emotion on a scale from 0-10**

What is emotional intensity. 


A feeling that acts as a signal or indicator about situations and ourselves.

Hint ** Starts with a E**

What is emotions


Habits can be broken with correct and supportive plans 

What is true


Provide an example of an unhelpful thought that can worsen feelings of sadness or depression.

Various examples - What is "I'm a failure, and nothing ever goes right for me"?


This technique involves tensing and then relaxing different muscle groups in the body to release physical tension.

What is "progressive muscle relaxation"?


You become anxious after forgetting your phone at the club. You're stomach hurts and you began to feel hot.

This change happens to the body outside of our control

What TYPE of signal is your body producing.

What is Physical signal.

The body also produces action and thought signals 


Bouncing back from difficulties in your life

What is resilience


Most people don't like to lose control

What is true? No one wants to lose control. Expressing emotions in an inappropriate manner leaves you feeling out of control. 

Resulting to negative ways of dealing with stress, anger, and anxiety can impact our physical health. 


This cognitive distortion involves looking at situations or events in black-and-white terms, without any middle ground.

What is "all-or-nothing thinking" or "black-and-white thinking"? 


When you write down your thoughts and emotions to gain clarity and reduce stress, you are practicing this.

What is "journaling"

It is healthy for someone to be angry. True or False
What is true. A HEALTHY expression of anger allows others to know how we feel and helps to resolve conflicts or problems. We all experience anger.