Fast Food Restaurants
What are strategies we use to deal with strong emotions?
Discussion/What can cause...


What is without ability, influence, or power?


Australia is a country as well as a continent?

What is true?

This fast food restaurant is the world's largest toy distributor through the meals they sell.

What is Mcdonalds?

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

What is deep breathing?

(Have you used this strategy? How do you feel afterward?)


What can cause you to feel happiness?

Playing a favorite game, being with friends or family members, enjoying activities, being in nature, playing a sport.

Where in your body do you feel happiness?


 Scared or Afraid

What is A feeling you have when you fear something bad will happen to you or someone else.


A dozen means 12 of something.

What is True?


This is the most common pizza topping.

What is pepperoni?


Seeking out someone to talk to when you feel you need support. 

What is getting the help you need?

Who are people you can reach out to for help?

What is talk it out? What would this look like?  Does our group at Center for Grieving fill this need?


What can cause someone to feel fear?

Being home alone, someone is very ill, you hear strange noises, it's dark outside, having homework to due etc...

What can you do to change this feeling?



What is feeling/action that something is not true or happening.


Herbivore animals eat meat.

What is False?



This is considered Applebee's signature dish?

The Applebee burger

Chicken Tenders


What is riblets?


Change of scenery , not inside.

What is taking a walk in nature? Where is a special place outside to be in nature?


What can cause someone to feel anger?

You and your friend are in a argument, the adults in your life don't give you something you want, someone insults you, you are mad that life is not fair.

You are angry because someone died.

Is it ok to feel angry?



What is a feeling you may have when you are constantly thinking about something and are unsure of what the outcome will be?


This symbol # separates the AC and the DC in the bands logo.  (the number sign)

What is false.  It is a lightning bolt.

This famous sandwich chain once offered free sandwiches to Jareds of the world.

What is Subway?

Writing down thoughts and feelings about what you experience.
What is journaling?

What can cause someone to feel disappointment?

Your parent or another adult doesn't show up when they said they would, you missed the winning soccer goal at the game, you did not get a good grade on school work, your friend did not call you back etc.....

What else?


Angry and or Bitter

What is feeling mad towards something.

What is feeling angry and resentment towards others. 

Anger: a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. Bitterness: anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment.

The Scapula bone is also called a shoulder bone.

What is true.


This fast- food restaurant was founded first.

What is the In-N-Out Burger?


Leaving conflict to gather thoughts, change your feelings, and control your behaviors.

What is walk away from a bad situation?


What can cause denial? (You do not believe it or want to believe it, you may avoid something).

You're scared to get in trouble, you don't want to face your problems, you are trying to protect someone else, you do not want to believe something bad has happened etc.