Structural Features

Name the five elements of plot.

Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.


What is the main or central idea?

The focus of the nonfiction text.


What are nouns?

Describes a person, place, thing or idea


What does .gov stand for?



What 2 things do you need to make predictions?

1. Clues from the story (aka story clues)

2. Prior knowledge


Define resolution.

The final outcome of the story.


Name one of the nonfiction titles we read?

"Drive-in Movies"

"The Case of The Monkeys That Fell From Trees"


What are proper and common nouns?

Proper nouns are specific and get capitalized. Common are not as specific and usually are the name of a group of people, places, or things. 


What does .org stand for?



What do you do after making a prediction?

Read further to check and see if your prediction was correct.


What was the main conflict in The Princess and The Pea?

The prince was having trouble finding a suitable princess to marry.


Give an example of nonfiction.

A biography, autobiography, essay, etc.


How do you form most possessive nouns?

Add 's or ' to the ending.


What do you call the address of a Web site?

the URL


Define point of view.

The perspective from which the narrator tells the story

What was the resolution of Homecoming?

The woodcutter remembered his wife's warning. Thousands of years had passed and he was all alone.


What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?

All of the elements have to be real for it to be nonfiction; whereas if even 1 element is made up, then its fiction.


How many nouns are in this sentence: 

The White House is located at 1 President Way, Washington D.C.

3; White House, President Way, and Washington D.C.


If I was on a website and I wanted to find out the address of a restaurant which graphic would I click on?

A clock

A map

A dinner plate

A map! Think location, but for time a clock and for a dinner plate for the menu items


If the suffix -ation means the condition of being, and accuse means charge someone with an offense or crime... what does accusation mean?

A charge or claim that someone has done something wrong. 


Read together and tell me the climax-

When the wolf gets frustrated and goes down the chimney of the 3rd pig's house.


On Readworks you read a nonfiction passage about Snowsnake. What is it?

Snowsnake players begin by digging special tracks in the snow in order to play. These tracks can be over a mile long! After digging snow tracks, players choose one of two types of snowsnake sticks. The first kind, the longsnake, is seven feet long. The second kind is the mudcat, which is three feet long. Players on each team coat their sticks in special wax. This wax makes the stick smoother and faster on the snow track, which allows it to travel farther. Each player on a team throws their snowsnake stick, then tallies how far the stick travelled. At the end of the game, all the players’ distances are added up. The team that threw sticks the largest total distance wins the game.  


How do you form the possessive of:

tacos owned by Tess

Tess' tacos


How do you check to see if online resources are reliable?

Check them against another resource, if both say the same information, then they're probably accurate. 


Correct the plural nouns in the following sentence, so it makes sense:  

The mans put the chocolate mouses in boxies and wrapped them for their familyes.

The men put the chocolate mice in boxes and wrapped them for their families.

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