What term is used to describe the cause of a disorder?



Constance was instructed by her therapist to say whatever came to mind, even if it was illogical or embarrassing. Her therapist was using which psychodynamic technique?

Free Association 


What is the effect of chlorpromazine?

It treats agitation in patients with schizophrenia.


Classical conditioning is a form of associative learning. What exactly is associated?

A neutral stimulus and an unconditioned stimulus


According to the psychodynamic model, people use unconscious strategies to protect their egos from anxieties. The general term for this is:

Defense Mechanism


Dr. Ansorg believes that her clients can acquire appropriate social skills by watching her interact with other people in a social setting. Dr. Ansorg assumes which paradigm of learning?

Observational Learning 


During the Middle Ages, mental illness was ____

Seen as a result of supernatural forces


Patty knows that if she cries, she will get her way. Paul knows that if he cries, he will be ignored. Which model of behavior suggests that Patty will increase her crying and Paul will decrease his crying?

Operant Conditioning 


The American Psychiatric Association has published a manual that is the most widely used classification system of psychological disorders. What is this manual called?



A kindergarten teacher wants to reduce the amount of aggressiveness children display in her class and on the playground. Using operant conditioning principles, the teacher should ____.

     a.pair aggressiveness with some pleasant stimulus

     b.encourage the children to get the aggressiveness out of their systems

     c.Eliminate the reinforcement associated with aggressiveness

     d.use negative reinforcers to decrease the behavior

Eliminate the reinforcement associated with aggressiveness


Models are often utilized by scientists to ____

Directly observe a phenomenon with unobservable causes


Thuy is faced with a dilemma. She lives in a war-torn country in which for years, the economy has been severely disrupted. In order to feed herself and her children, she steals food, but she feels a great sense of guilt when she does. According to Freud, the personality structure involved in the guilt she feels for stealing the food is the ____



A researcher who investigates the proportion of individuals who have a disorder during a particular period of time like the past year is best described as studying the ____ of the disorder.



Emily sees her advisor about doing a research study for her Ph.D. dissertation.

“What are you going to investigate?” the advisor asks.

“I believe that drinking orange juice before an IQ test will raise a person's score,” she says.

Emily's answer constitutes a(n) ____.



Unlike behaviors in classical conditioning, operant behaviors are ____

Voluntary and Controllable 


Jason exploits other people and never feels guilty about it. He rarely helps other people and feels no pride when he does. According to psychodynamic thinking, Jason has an underdeveloped ____



Rosie participates in a study assessing the effectiveness of a drug to treat osteoporosis. Throughout the study, neither Rosie nor the person administering the dosage knows whether she was getting the real medication or a placebo. Rosie is participating in a ____

Double Blind Study


Erin has an exaggerated fear of flying. She refuses to board an airplane and avoids airports altogether. A behavioral therapist would be most likely to use ____ in treating her fear

Systemic Desensitzation 


A researcher studies a group of elderly people and finds that, as a group, the better their memory performance, the lower their anxiety level. What can be said about this research?



Which scenario best illustrates operant conditioning?

     a. A child watches a friend steal from a store, so he thinks he might steal in the future.

     b. A man gets sick when he smells the same kind of food which causes him food poisoning.

     c. A man asks for a raise because, in the past, his requests have been successful.

     d. A woman has been frightened by thunderstorms all her life and her fears are getting worse.

A man asks for a raise because, in the past, his requests have been successful.