Grammar 1
Grammar 2

True or False?

We use state verbs with PPC



Passive is used to sound more formal and impersonal.

True or false?



Name at least 2 surveillance techniques 

CCTV, microchips, mobile phone tracking, facial recognition technology, number plate recognition


Name at least 1 phrase to agree\ partially agree\ disagree with smb's opinion 



Complete the second sentence with no more than five words so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in CAPITALS

1. Could you keep it down? WONDERING

I _______________ keep it down.

2. Why have you left the party? MIND

Would you___________ left the party?

I was wondering if you could keep it down.

Would you mind telling me why you’ve left the party?


Turn active into passive:

1. If you finish the exam early, I advise you to check the answers one more time.

2. Generally speaking, most teenagers don’t like when someone tells them what to do. 

If you finish the exam early, you're advised to check...

Generally speaking, most teenagers don’t like being told what to do.


What can you see in the pictures?

flood, drought, obesity


Ex. 2



Open the brackets. Use PPC or PPS.

1. She ___ (seem) off recently. Maybe she has some problems at home.

2. They ___ (raise) money for people in need for 15 years. They're amazing!

3. Tara ____ (not\feel) well for two weeks. 

has seemed

have been raising

has not been feeling


Choose the correct option a) b) or c)

1. The information _________________over the Internet. 

a) can to be accessed     b) can be accessed       c) can access

2.Each of us _______________by the authorities.

a) has being monitored     b) is been monitored     c) is being monitored

3. I used to hate ________________ by my mom what to wear.

a) being told       b) was told       c) been told





Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.

1. What is considered _______ (ethics) in one country may be standard business practice in another. 

2. There are two major _______ (politics) parties in the US - the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. 

3. The fund provides money to clean up chemically polluted __________ (industry) sites. 





Explain the words:

reasonable, outrageous, disturbing

based on or using good judgment and therefore fair and practical 

shocking and morally unacceptable

making you feel worried or upset  


Make questions with the prompts. Use PPS, PPC or PS.

1. How long/you/ learn/ English?

2. How far/ you/ travel/ on public transport/ today?

3. you/ complete/ the task/ this morning (it's evening now)?

4. you/ study/ a lot/ this week?

1. How long have you been learning Eng?

2. How far have you travelled on p. tr. today?

3. Did you complete the task this morning?

4. Have you studied\ been studying a lot this week?


Turn sentences into passive:

1. No one has ever robbed me.

2. I hate it when people give me clothes as a present.

3. People often tell me I look like my father.

4. Someone robbed the bank in the early hours this morning.

I've never been robbed

I hate being given clothes...

I'm often told I look like my father

The bank was robbed ...


StB ex. 3A



StB ex. 6


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