True or false

Write sentence in past simple or present continuous.

1) Anna          in the park yesterday.(walk)

2) Peter can not answer the phone now  because he       his homework right now.(do)


1)Anna  walked  in the park yesterday.

2)Peter can not answer the phone now  because he     is doing   his homework right now.


Translate into English.

1) солнечные очки

2) шарф

3) шляпа

4) перчатки

5) юбка

1) sunglasses

2) scarf

3) hat

4) gloves

5) skirt


/t/, /d/ or /id/ sound?

1. wanted

2. danced

3. saved

4. needed

5. loved

1. /id/

2. /t/

3. /d/

4. /id/

5. /d/


Choose the appropriate option.

1. Excuse me! …………...... is the post office, please?(How ,What, When, Where)

2. Could you tell me …………...... to get to the History Museum, please? (how, what, when, where)

3. Can you tell me where …………......, please? (is the bank, the bank, the bank is, there a bank)




2. how

3. the bank is


The Mona Liza was stolen from the Louvre in 1911.

It was stolen by Vincenzo Peruggia who had worked at the Museum. The masterpiece was recovered two years later.


Translate these sentences.

В последнее время я много хожу в тренажерный зал.

Ты когда нибудь был в Стамбуле?

Lately, i have been going to the gym a lot.

Have you ever been to then Istanbul.


Put the words from brackets to complete the sentences.

Jane looks very ... in her new suit. She wants to make a good impression. At the same time she is very ... She always wears the latest fashions. (trendy, smart)

1) smart

2) trendy


/ɒ/ vs /əʊ/

bloat/blot, not/note, want/won`t

1. /əʊ/, /ɒ/

2. /ɒ/, /əʊ/

3. /ɒ/, /əʊ/


The Netflix subscription costs 9$. Ask in 3 different ways about its price.

1. How much does the Netflix subscription cost?

2. How much is the Netflix subscription?

3. What is the price of the Netflix subscription?

The other options are also possible.


 In theory, it takes over 5,000 helium balloons to lift an average-sized human from the ground



Choose the right option.

  1. In the time of Peter the Great the noblemen were not allowed … beards. (have / to have / having / having had)
  2. It's too late now, but I will always regret ... John to do the work. (to ask / asking / ask / to be asked)

1. to have

2. asking


What types of shops are shown in the picture?

cafe, market, bookshop, toy shop, clothes shop, shoe shop, florist`s, restaurant, mall, pet shop, greengrocer`s, bakery


/ ɪ / vs / i: /

sit/seat, chick/cheek, fit/feet

1. / ɪ /, / i: /

2. / ɪ /, / i: /

3. / ɪ /, / i: /


Help Stacy to get to the hospital.

Go straight to the fire station, then turn left, go straight to Baker Street, turn right. The hospital is on the left.

The other options are also possible.


Harry Potter’s first flying broomstick is called Firebolt

False. Harry’s first broomstick was the Nimbus 2000


Match the words with their categories in the right order.

Words: wooden, antique, military, French, bad, tiny, white, round

Categories: color, material, shape, general characterization, origin, age, purpose, size 

General characterization: bad
Size: tiny
Age: antique
Shape: round
Color: white
Purpose: military
Origin: French
Material: wooden


Do we use these time expressions with in, on or at? 

  1. ___Monday morning, ___Tuesday afternoon
  2. ___the weekend, ___ weekends
  3. ___ Christmas, ___ Easter

1) on, on

2) on, on or at, at

3) at, at


What sound connects all these words?

cat, fat, hand, plan, happy

/æ/ sound does.

What needs to be done in this kitchen?

Answers are in the picture.


After you drink alcohol, it takes your brain 6 minutes to start reacting to it



Translate into English and name 3 forms of these irregular verbs.

1) кровоточить 

2) прятаться, скрываться 

3) класть, положить 

1) bleed bled bled 

2) hide hid hidden 

3) lay laid laid 


Name the activities that are described below.

1) An activity that involves a person jumping from a great height while connected to a large elastic cord 

2) The act of propelling a boat using the motion of oars in the water by displacing water to propel the boat forward 

3) A long, vigorous walk, usually on trails or footpaths in the countryside 

1) bungee jumping

2) rowing

3) hiking


Divide the words into groups of long and short sounds.

parked, walked, seen, had, got, written

Long: parked, walked, seen

Short: had, got, written


What is wrong with the apartment? How would you ask for a solution? 

Answers are in the picture.


Singer Billie Eilish’s full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell