Flag History
Displaying the Flag
Flag Retirement
Flag Extras

This person is often credited with designing the first US flag.

Who is Betsy Ross?


Name a holiday when the US flag would be displayed.

What are the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Flag Day?


Name the person giving direction to those carrying flags in a ceremony.

Who is the Caller, Announcer, or Leader?


A US flag is permanently retired when in this condition.

What is dirty, ripped, wrinkled or frayed.


The US flag should never touch this.

What is anything below it?

The ground/floor, water or other display.


This is the nickname of the US flag.

What is Old Glory?

This is the time when a US flag made of cotton should NOT be displayed OUTSIDE.

What is during bad weather?


This is the name for a person carrying a flag.

What is the Flag Bearer?


A flag can be retired by this group of people if it is done in a dignified, respectful way.



On military uniforms, the field of blue on a US flag patch is located in the upper right corner. This is the reason.

What is to show the flag is charging into battle?


The original US flag had this many stars and stripes.

What is 13 each for the original 13 colonies?

DAILY DOUBLE: How many versions of the US flag have there been?


The field of blue should always be in this corner when displaying the US flag.

What is the Upper Left?


This is the name for a group of flag bearers.

What is the Color Guard?


This is the preferred method of disposing of a US flag.

What is burning?


In a ceremony, the US flag should be raised in this manner.

What is with haste (or faster) before other flags?


The Flag Resolution of June 14, 1777 is known today as this holiday.

What is Flag Day?


One must do this in order to display a US flag at night.

What is shine a spot light on it from below?


Facing a stage, the US flag is always located on this side.

What is the Left side, or to the speaker's right?


A flag is usually placed onto the fire in this way during a retirement ceremony.

What is open and flat?


Clamping a US flag to a vehicle is okay when attached is this manner, as long as the flag displays in the proper direction.

What is the antenna?


The US flag is folded 13 times, representing the 13 original colonies and finished to resemble this item worn by Washington's men.

What is a tricorn, or three corner, hat?


When displayed with more than two other flags, the US flag is displayed in this way.  (There is more than one correct answer.)

What is first and center in the middle of a flag display?

In addition, the U.S. flag must be placed higher than the other flags, unless other national flags are present. In that case the U.S. flag would be the same height.


It is customary to say one or both of these parts during an opening flag ceremony.

What are the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner?


A flag burning ceremony is ends in the following manner.

What is the audience is led out silently in single file while the caller and color guard remain?


Never fly the US flag upside down except in this situation.

What is an emergency.

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