The unofficial slogan of Austin

What is "Keep Austin Wierd"?

The name of UT's football stadium

What is Darrel K Royal (DKR)? 

Home to the Longhorns football team since 1924


The official live mascot of The University of Texas

Who is Bevo?


The University that plays against UT in the Red River Showdown

What is Oklahoma University? (boooooo)


The UT alumnus who graduated from the College of Moody is an Academy Award-winning actor and is a professor at UT who is often featured at UT football games (may be wearing merch that says "alright alright alright"

Who is Matthew McConaughey?


The animal that has the largest colony in Austin

What are urban bats?


The tallest structure of these four... University of Texas Tower, Statue of Liberty, Texas Capitol, United States Capitol

What is the University of Texas Tower? 

The University of Texas Tower- 307 feet

Statue of Liberty- 305 feet

Texas Capitol- 302 feet

The United States Capitol- 288 feet


The costume mascot of the University of Texas

Who is Hook em?


The sport that Austin hosts the United States Grand Prix

What is Formula One?


The student population at UT... 

51,000 or 65,000 or 88,123 or 100,263

What is more than 51,000?


The highest point in Austin at 785 feet

What is Mount Bonnell?


The number of libraries that UT Austin has... 5, 17, 25, 57

What are 17 libraries? 


The world’s largest bass drum that is a part of the Longhorn band

What is Big Bertha? (500 lbs, 8 ft in diameter)


Austin’s first professional sports team that debuted in 2021

What is Austin FC?


The UT alumnus who was a former first lady, has a lake named after her in Austin, and a wildlife center named after her

Who is Lady Bird Johnson? 


The upscale grocery chain that started in Austin in 1978

What is Whole Foods?


The dorm building at UT that used to have its own zip code (78784)

What is Jester Center?


The animal that if it graces you with its presence signifies that you will get an A on your next test

What is the white fox squirrel (albino squirrel)?


The number of varsity sports programs at UT (men's + women's)... 6, 20, 28, 31

What are 20 varsity sports programs?

nine men's sports and eleven women's sports


The famous athlete who played for UT from 2006-2007, his jersey number 35 is retired at Texas, he is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a two-time NBA Champion, and 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player as well as a 12-time NBA All-Star

Who is Kevin Durant? 


The original name of Austin in 1838

What is Waterloo? 

After the change to the Republic’s congress, the name was changed in honor of one of the city’s founding fathers, Stephen F. Austin


The name for the group of buildings on the South Mall (Batts, Mezes and Benedict Halls to the east and Parlin, Calhoun and Rainey Halls to the west) that many COLA classes are held in

What is the Six Pack?


The place seniors jump in/take photos after graduation in celebration of finally graduating 

What is Littlefield fountain?


The number of Olympic medals won by UT Austin student-athletes... 2, 56, 144, 3,0000

What is 144 medals?


The woman who was a former professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the first African-American woman from Texas to serve in U.S Congress, her statue was the first statue of a female at UT built in 2002

Who was Barbara Jordan?