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The brother of a red plumber that has moustache.

A. Mario                              B. Lugi 

C. Goomba                          D. Waro

B. Luigi


All Nintendo characters fight each other in this Video game.

A. Mario Car                           

B. Super Smash Bros

C. Mario Galaxy                     

 D. Mario Odyssey

B. Super Smash Bros


What was the biggest Video game rival of Super Mario bros?

A. Sonic the Hedgehog          

B. Donkey Kong

A. Sonic the Hedgehog 


What is the most popular game nowadays?

A. Grand Theft Auto                  

B. Super Mario 

C. Fornite                                 

D. Farcry




What´s the abbreviation of League of Legends?



What is the character that became a god and is anxious for revenge?

A. Thor                            B. Cronos 

C. Kratos                          D. Hades 

C. Kratos


What is the most popular first-person shooter Video game in the world?

A. Battlefield                    

B. Medal Of Honor 

C. Call of Duty                 

 D. Halo 

C. Call of Duty.


In What console was released the first Game of Sonic?

A. Game Boy Advance          

B. Wii Virtual Console

C. Sega Mega Drive              

D. Nintendo 3DS

Sega Mega Drive


What`s the game of a super hero that was released a few weeks ago? 

A. Venom                                

B. Batman 

C. Spider man                           

D. Infamous 

Spider Man


What are the protagonists names of GTA 5?

Franklin, Michael and Trevor


Who´s the man that protects a girl in an apocalyptic world?

A. Joel                    

B. Leon S.Kennedy 

C. Chris Redfield      

D. Tommy 

A. Joel


In what game two teams of 5 or 3 players fights against each other?

A. Dota                           

B. StartCraft

C. Smite                          

D. League of Legends

D. League of Legends


This game was made to compete with Street Fighter.

A. Marvel Vs Capcom                 

B. Killer Instinct 

C. Dragon Ball Budokai              

D. Mortal Kombat

D. Mortal Kombat


A game that  is a sequel of a trilogy of games about a god.

A. Devil May Cry             B. Age Of Mitology 

C. God of War              D. Shadow of the Colossus 

God of War


What is Blizzard Entertainment most popular game?

A. Overwatch                  

B. Diablo 3 

C. StarCraft                    

D. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft


What is the little robot that protects humanity in the future?

A. Sigma                                    

B. Zero 

C. Megaman                                 

D. Chaud

C. Megaman


What is the Square Enix most popular saga?

A. kingdom Hearts           

B. Hitman

C. Tomb Raider                 

D. Final Fantasy

D. Final Fantasy


What is the name of  Blizzard Entertainment card?



Who is in the cover of Fifa 19?

A. Neymar                   

B. Messi

C. James Rodriguéz      

D. Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo


What is the best game in Nintendo Switch?

A. Super Mario Party           

B. Xenoblade Chronicles

C. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


This character is a thief with thirst for new adventures and in search of treasures.

A. Lara Croft                         

B. Prince of Persia

C. Nathan Drake                   

D. Victor Sullivan


C. Nathan Drake


Capcom most popular fighting game.

A. Resident Evil                     

B. Street Fighter

C. Capcom Vs Marvel             

D. Lost Planet 

C. Capcom vs Marvel


This game company made Pong.

A. Sony                                 

B. Konami 

C. Atari                                 

 D. Sega 

C. Atari


The new release of the best Ubisoft´s game.

A. Farcry 5                

B. The Crew 2 

C Legendary Fishing   

D.Assassins Creed : Odyssey  

D.Assassins Creed : Odyssey  


In this game the protagonist fights against a big company to protect the freedom of people around the world.

A. Splinter Cell          

B. Assassin's Creed 

C. Resident Evil         

D. Metal Gear Solid 


Assassins Creed

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