Netflix Wealth Gap
Our God is Marching On
Are you willing to give up your privilege?
The Privileged Poor
Use of Rhetoric

This video focuses on how ___ affects the wealth gap.

What are neighborhoods?


This is what King compares the poor white man’s Jim Crown too.

What is Jesus for African Americans?


These people have to give up something to close the wealth gap

Who are rich people, executives, and investors.


This surprised the author when he started college.

What is that the only other black students were rich?


The rhetoric used here is: “A 1999 study found that graduates of elite private schools had incomes 39 percent higher than those of their peers who attended low-ranked public universities.”

What is logos?


This is the plan that Lincoln signed for African Americans.

What is allowing every African American to have 40 acres of tillable land?


These people are responsible for causing segregation and divide.

Who are southern aristocracy?

This is the question that those in power and privilege must ask themselves to close the wealth gap.

What is “What are we willing to give up?”


This was started by Princeton university in the 1990s to help students from low-income families.

What are financial aid packages?


These readings use logos.

What are Privileged Poor, Netflix Wage Gap, and Are You Willing to Give up Privilege?


The meaning of redlining on maps.

What is not allowing loans in those neighborhoods?


This is the biblical story King uses as part of his speech.

What is the story of Joshua in Jericho?

The amount of money American companies spent on their own stock in 2018.

What is 1 trillion dollars?


The community college graduation rate is 57% while the graduation rate of elite colleges is __

What is 90%?


These readings use pathos.

What are all of them?


The reason that Cory Brooker’s family wanted a home in a white-dominated neighborhood.

What is that neighborhoods affect success of people who grow up in them?


This movement united the African American and white populations.

What is the Populist Movement?


Rule made in 1982 that caused further problems

What is allowing companies to repurchase their stocks?


In 2017, students from families in the top 1 percent were __ times more likely to attend an Ivy League college than students from families that make $30,000 or less a year

What is 77?


These readings use ethos.

What is all of them?


This amount of money given to aid the housing crisis, which barely went to homeowners.

What is 440 million dollars?


This is the threat given to poor white plantation workers to keep their wages low

What is firing them and replacing them with slaves who are paid even less?


“Milton Friedman’s outmoded ideology” that the author believes must be put aside in order to have progress

What is a company putting its shareholder values above all else?


This is the percentage of students in top-tier universities between 1982 and 2006 that came from the lower half of the country’s income distribution.

What is 14%?


The rhetoric used here is:

“How long? Not long, because:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; 

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored”

What are pathos and ethos?

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