Water Cycle/
Front Facts
Weather Tools
Severe weather

Part of the Water Cycle in which clouds form.

What is condensation?


Weather occurs in this layer of the atmposphere.

What is the troposhere. 


The symbol for a cold front is a curved, blue line with this shape on it.

What is triangle?


Measures the speed of wind.

What is an anemometer?


Three ingredients for a storm.

What are 

•Heat From the Sun

•Differences in Air Pressure



4 types of clouds studied.

What is cumulous, cumulonimbus, stratus and cirrus.


Largest amount of gas in our atmosphere (78%). 

What is nitrogen?


A symbol of a curved, red line with semi cirlcles on it indicates this kind of front.

What is a warm front?


Measures the temperature of the air.

What is a thermometer?


A large, swirling, low-pressure system that forms over the warm Atlantic Ocean.

What is a hurricane?


Type of cloud that is wispy and feathery, indicates fair weather or warm front coming. 

What is cirrus?

The form of heat enregy that keeps the water cycle going.

What is the sun?


A warm front is coming to SC, what can we expect the temperaatures to be?

What is temperatures will increase, go up, or get warmer.


Feeling like the air is weighing down on you? This tool measures air pressure.

What is a barometer?


A violent rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground (over land). 

What is a tornado?


Type of cloud that appears as a blanket covering the sky or fog. Indicated long, continuous periods of rain. 

What is Stratus?

When heat energy changes liquid water into a gas called water vapor.



As a result of a cold front, this kind of weather will be sure to follow.

What are heavy rains or violent thunderstorms.


Curious about how much rain fell in a certain period of time? Measure precipitation with this tool. 

What is a rain gauge?


Name this severe weather phenomena...

The white puffy clouds that have been growing all day are replaced by a greenish gray sky. A distant rumble is heard...then another. It starts to rain. A flash of light streaks the sky, followed by a huge BOOM.

What is a thunderstorm?


Clouds form when this kind of air rises, expands and cools.

What is warm air?


What determines the kind of precipitation falls to the Earth (rain, snow, hail, sleet)?

The air temperature.


Colder air rises above warmer air, creating a disturbance in the atmosphere like clouds and precipitation. 

What is cold front?


Want to measure the cardinal direction the wind is blowing FROM? Use this tool. 

What is a wind vane?


To stay safe from this...

  • Find shelter in a building or a metal-topped vehicle (not a convertible), and close the windows.
  • If you're caught outdoors, stay away from open spaces, and avoid standing near tall objects, such as trees.
  • Avoid using electrical equipment, such as computers, TVs, and phones. (Cell phones are safe to use. )
  • Stay away from sinks and showers. Lightning can travel through water pipes.
  • Wait 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or flash of lightning before going outside.

-Stay inside and when the storm hits, stay on high ground in case of storm surge or flooding. 

What is a lightning?

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