Mental Health
Physical Health
Social Health

True or false: Helping others volunteering or simply doing one random act of kindness can improve self-esteem.



Define physical health:

the state of your physical body and how well it's operating

Why is social wellness important?

- Heart rate and blood pressure of those with healthy relationships respond better to stress

- Leads to better mental healthy by lightening your mood and making one feel happier


Can exercise help your mental health?

YES! Cardiovascular health leads to better emotional stability and reduced anxiety


Are fatty foods with lots of salt good for you to eat every single day for every meal?

No. Can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and acne. 

Define social health:

One's ability to form strong, loyal, and trustworthy relationships with others.


How many hours of sleep should adults get a night to maintain mental health?

About 8 hours 


What are the three important factors which help keep good physical well-being?

1. Exercise

2. Rest

3. Good food/nutrition


What is the correct example of social wellness:

1. Being very nervous around others because you are nervous what they think of you.

2. Having a strong friendship where you are comfortable being who you are.

3. Doing things you don't want to do because you want to fit in with those around you and try to impress them.

2. Having a strong friendship where you are comfortable being who you are.


What does a lack of food and nutrient cause for an individual?

It can lead to fogginess within the brain and affect brain function. 


What is the average amount of time doctors recommend their patients to exercise for?

About 1-2 hours 


4 ways to take care of your social wellness.

1. Develop good communication skills

2. Build healthy, meaningful relationships

3. Respect and love yourself

4. Create a safe support system (a group of certain individuals who can help you out in times of need)


The founder of the mental wellness movement. 

Clifford Beers


Name 3 out of the 6 ways to main physical wellness.

1. Get active

2. Maintain your body

3. Find your healthy weight

4. Mind your metabolism

5. Eat a healthy diet

6. Build healthy habits


Is laughter truly the best form of medicine?

In some cases... YES! laughter can help improve one's mental health by helping them relax, smile, and feel happy. 

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